WWE News: Key Superstar From ‘SmackDown Live’ Confirmed To Be Out A While With An Injury


Even though it was Kofi Kingston who ended up in the main event of WrestleMania 35 and won the WWE Championship, The New Day has remained strong. The trio has won numerous titles over the years and one of their members is standing on top of the hill right now in what has been a great story. Unfortunately, one of the members of the stable has been confirmed to have suffered an injury that may keep him out of the ring for a while.

The official website of WWE has confirmed that Big E of The New Day has suffered an injury that’s been revealed to be a torn meniscus. The exact extent of his injury is not yet known, but Big E is not currently cleared for in-ring action and he may end up having to miss a good deal of time.

This past Tuesday night, The New Day took on the team of The Bar and Drew McIntyre, which resulted in a win for the former. The injury is thought to have happened when Big E received a crossbody from Cesaro during the match.

Right now, it’s not known if Big E’s injury will require surgery or not. If the injury is serious enough and surgery is necessary, it could put him on the shelf for quite some time.

The New Day arrive on stage for a match.
Featured image credit: WWE

WWE wasn’t actually the first to announce the injury, as they simply picked up on a tweet sent out by the superstar himself.

Obviously, the “Bye for a bit” part of that tweet reveals that Big E knows this is going to keep him out of the ring for a while. If surgery is needed, it will be a longer period of time, but if not that serious, he’ll still need some inactive time to rest and heal up.

This injury really comes at a poor time for The New Day as they are at the height of their popularity and success. Kofi Kingston winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35 was long overdue, and it has the spotlight entirely on him, Big E, and Xavier Woods.

The severity of Big E’s injury could also say a lot for what happens in next week’s WWE Superstar Shake-Up that will take place on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. One has to wonder if WWE could possibly split up the stable when it comes time to move superstars around.

Big E’s injury is extremely unfortunate, but fans hope that it won’t end up being on the more serious end and he’ll be back with The New Day in WWE soon.