Rachael Ray Is Returning To Food Network In This Surprising Way

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Rachael Ray is returning to her Food Network roots in this surprising way and her fans are both shocked and delighted at the new twist her career is taking.

After hosting The Rachael Ray Show for the past 13 seasons, Ray is returning to The Food Network in a reboot of her classic cooking show, 30 Minute Meals. Ray showcased new recipes on her daily talk show, but this will be the first time she has hosted a regularly scheduled cooking series since breaking free from that format in 2012.

The debut of 30 Minute Meals on The Food Network in 2001 ushered in a new era for the network, which was heavily dominated up until that point by shows hosted by male chefs. Ray burst onto the scene and her easy personality and quick cooking tips made her an instant celebrity. Her way of speaking to the viewer instead of at them and offering up quick tips on achieving a healthy and great-tasting meal for the harried home cook was an instant hit.

The tagline of the series went as such: “Hi there, I’m Rachael Ray and I make 30-minute meals. Now that means in the time it takes you to watch this program, I will have made a delicious and healthy meal from start to finish.” The cameras reportedly never stopped rolling, showing the cook preparing a meal from the beginning of the show right through to its end.

Ray announced the reboot of the series on Instagram, a venue that was not available to viewers when she first debuted on television. She stated in the accompanying video to the post, “It’s gonna have all the cool [vibes] that we had back in the day, but it’s going to be for a whole new generation. I have written the first 15 episodes already—I think it’s pretty amazing.”

The Food Network also reported on its official website the premise of the series, which appears to stick true to the original format, revealing that the “OG series” 30 Minute Meals, is back, and will provide fans with brand-new quick-fix recipes that will save them from their dinnertime ruts, including go-to ideas and time-saving how-tos.

The updated version of 30 Minute Meals will air beginning Monday, April 1st at 12 p.m. EST on The Food Network. According to Variety, the show will also air live throughout the month on the network’s Facebook page and via its other digital platforms.

Rachael Ray will continue to host her daily talk, entertainment and cooking series The Rachael Ray Show.