Yale Rescinds Acceptance Worth $1.2 Million Amidst Admissions Scandal

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Though the University of Southern California has dominated the press in the ongoing college admissions scandal, it is not alone. According to CNN, Yale University has rescinded the admittance of a student after learning the student had fraudulently applied with an athletic endorsement from women’s soccer coach Rudy Meredith. It is the first college to rescind the acceptance of an incoming student in the wake of the scandal.

The identity of the student –listed simply as “Yale Applicant 1” in the indictment documents — remains unknown. However, the student’s parents reportedly paid $1.2 million to Rick Singer, the mastermind of the scandal, for the acceptance. Singer then paid $400,000 to coach Rudy Meredith to list the student as an athletic recruit.

This was reportedly not the only time Meredith sought bribes; in fact, he was caught in April 2018 when he asked the father of another applicant for a payoff, not knowing the communication was part of an FBI sting operation.

Meredith agreed to cooperate with the FBI investigators shortly afterwards and is currently pleading guilty to honest services wire fraud and other related charges. He resigned from his position as coach in November 2018.

Another one of Meredith’s illicit recruits is currently attending Yale. A decision has not yet been made about the student’s future enrollment, according to Yale’s website.

“On the very rare occasion when Yale receives an allegation that a current student included false information in an application, Yale gives the student the opportunity to address the allegation.”

The website also stated that if “Yale determines that the allegation is true, the student’s admission [will be] rescinded.”

The admissions scandal has famously engulfed celebrities like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman. Both actresses have been indicted and have yet to enter pleas. The two parents are each scheduled to appear in court in Boston on March 29. In the wake of the scandal, Loughlin’s two daughters, including popular vlogger Olivia Jade, have both departed from USC.

Lori Loughlin and daughter Olivia Jade
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Altogether, 50 people have been arrested. Thirty-three of those arrested have been wealthy parents that have either bribed athletic officials or arranged for cheating on standardized tests.

Despite the scandal, Yale has defended its admissions process.

“Each year, Yale’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions reviews tens of thousands of applications in a five-month period. This undertaking is, by its nature, complex and dependent on applicants, teachers, counselors, and testing services providing reliable information. Yale’s admissions officers are savvy and careful, and when they discover suspicious information they make necessary inquiries.”

The announcement comes days before Yale releases regular decision letters to applicants. However, Yale spokesman Tom Conroy has assured nervous high schoolers that there will not be any delay in admissions decisions.