Jenelle Evans Speaks Out, 'Teen Mom 2' Cameras Were Not Filming During Reported Split

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason are back together after a reported brief split following Valentine's Day. Now, according to a report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, the reality show star is speaking out about the split, but she isn't exactly divulging any details.

According to the report, Jenelle replied to a comment on Instagram asking if she was still "Single AF" to which she wrote, "I'm not entitled to tell anyone anything about my relationship.

"Since it's not being filmed I'll share what I want, when I want. There isn't [sic] rules."
Fans of the hit MTV show know that Jenelle's scenes this season have been incredibly dramatic, especially since her husband is not able to film. If he shows up during a segment, production has to be shut down.

A source revealed to The Ashley, "Before the big breakup [happened last week], David had somehow managed to ruin nearly every shoot they had set up with Jenelle."

That isn't the only drama, though. Reportedly, Jenelle is restricting whom she wants to be filmed on Teen Mom 2. According to the report, Jenelle doesn't want her ex-boyfriend and father of her second child, Nathan Griffith, to film.

The source revealed, "They are still filming with Nathan, but now they have to do it behind Jenelle's back or she will flip out and refuse to film again."

Jenelle Evans has been sharing her life with viewers since her Season 2 episode of 16 and Pregnant. On her episode, Jenelle found out that she was pregnant with a son. Her son's father was not involved and Jenelle's mom eventually gained custody of Jenelle's son. Fans continued to watch Jenelle's struggles on Teen Mom 2 which included her relationship with Nathan Griffith. However, the couple split and Jenelle later moved on with David Eason. The two filmed together for the show before David was fired in 2018.

On a recent episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle's mother Barbara spoke out about a 911 phone call Jenelle made last year. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Barbara explained that she was worried that David was hurting Jenelle, adding that she feared Jenelle was being kept "like a prisoner." However, Jenelle didn't seem too thrilled that her mother was speaking out about the call or about David and exclaimed after the episode that her relationship with her mother was "out the window."

Season 9 of Teen Mom 2 is airing on MTV. New episodes can be watched Monday nights.