February 11, 2019
Colton Underwood Faces Drama With Sydney Lotuaco In New 'Bachelor' Spoiler, Episode 6 Sneak Peek

During Episode 6 of ABC's The Bachelor 2019 season, Colton Underwood will face some tense moments. A new sneak peek shows that contestant Sydney Lotuaco will be central in casting some doubt during Monday's show -- and what happens with her manages to shake up Underwood.

As the February 11 show begins, Colton Underwood needs to deal with the bickering between Onyeka Ehie and Nicole Lopez-Alvar, per the Inquisitr. He then travels to Vietnam and tackles dates with his remaining ladies, but it won't be smooth sailing. The Bachelor spoilers reveal that he'll face new rounds of drama, and come to worry that not everybody present is there for the "right reasons."

A new sneak peek shared by ET Online shows Sydney raising some questions with Colton. The Bachelor spoilers tease that -- during a solo moment speaking to the camera -- Sydney will specifically mention Demi Burnett and Hannah Brown as ladies who may not be ready for marriage.

Lotuaco will say that if that's what Underwood wants, then "great," but she explains that she plans to talk with him, to encourage him to make some changes so he can find his wife. Sydney notes that if she can't get through to Colton, she thinks she might need to leave.

Next in the clip, Colton and Sydney are shown talking. Viewers will have to tune in to see exactly how this conversation plays out, but Bachelor spoilers show that she will say that she thinks he's taking the easy way out with some of his choices.

Underwood will talk about how it feels that since he's been named as the Bachelor lead, everybody expects him to have everything figured out. Colton seems somewhat stressed -- and rattled -- as he admits that he doesn't have it all figured out already.

Lotuaco says that she wants something real and magical, and she thinks she aligns with everything he's hoping to find. The Bachelor contestant adds that she wants him to figure out how to find the woman who is truly the right fit for him. Sydney encourages him not to be distracted by "shiny things," and says that there are some wonderful people still in the group of ladies he has remaining.

It seems fair to say that Sydney and Colton really don't appear to be on the same page -- and haven't developed much chemistry. The sneak peek does seem to have some rather choppy editing involved, but ultimately, it seems that Lotuaco will try to caution Underwood to think carefully about which ladies he keeps in his circle going forward.

According to gossip guru Reality Steve, Sydney eliminates herself at some point during Episode 6 -- and it sounds like it happens during this conversation. The Bachelor spoilers hint that this conversation will have an impact on Colton, as he will struggle at various points on Monday night worrying about which ladies are serious about getting engaged.

Unfortunately, Sydney reportedly won't be the only woman to raise these kinds of concerns with Colton this week. Reality Steve's spoilers tease that this concern will continue in the weeks ahead -- and will even have a major impact on how the finale plays out.

Is Sydney Lotuaco right in saying that Colton Underwood is taking the easy way out with some of his picks, and that he needs to get serious about finding what he wants? The Bachelor spoilers suggest that this will be one rocky moment of many such scenarios coming up Monday night in Episode 6 -- and fans will surely be buzzing over all of the drama ahead.