February 11, 2019
Jesus Christ Was A Greek Philosopher And Not The Son Of God, Claims Explosive New Documentary

A new documentary has made the explosive claim that Jesus Christ was not the son of god but a Greek philosopher and miracle worker.

While Greek philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle may have become household names, Apollonius of Tyan has not. Apparently, this ancient Greek religious preacher, who has been all but eradicated from the history books, was actually the real Jesus Christ.

At least according to a new Amazon documentary entitled, 'Bible Conspiracies'. The Daily Mail reports that the TV show purports to show evidence that Apollonius of Tyan really existed.

The show also boldly states that there is a range of striking similarities between Apollonius of Tyan and Jesus of Nazareth.

Both lived in the first century AD, and both were said to perform miracles. In the documentary, it states that Apollonius was a disciple of Pythagoras who rose to prominence after turning his back on the pleasures of the flesh, the banquet table, and the wine cup. Like Jesus, he also wore his hair and beard long, went bare-footed, and quickly gained a reputation for himself as something of a reformer.

After performing a series of miracles, religious followers were said to flock to Apollonius's side. As his wisdom grew so too did his notoriety, with his growing fame even reaching the elevated ears of the Roman emperor Aurelian, who intended to honor the holy Greek with a string of temples and statues.

The documentary states, "He reportedly restored life to the dead and spoke of things beyond the human reach. And, unlike Jesus, there is evidence to prove that Apollonius actually existed."

A fading painting of Jesus Christ
Getty Images | Paula Bronstein

The documentary has received a hostile reception in many quarters. Viewers have slammed it for trying too hard to cast unnecessary doubt on the Bible without any historical evidence or expert opinion to back it up.

Others said the Amazon documentary was not an objective analysis of historical fact, but a "heavily biased opinion piece." It was slammed as a toxic brew of half-truths fallacies and unfounded conclusions. Potential viewers were advised not to waste their time on this documentary and instead look to far superior ones available on the subject of Jesus Christ's real identity.

One viewer snapped, "The writers of this film not only have no actual Biblical knowledge, they quote many myths that have been not only been disproved but are laughed at in theological circles. In this video, there are no experts, no theologians, only many rhetorical lies that are often spewed by evolutionist and atheist."