Jared Kushner Could Be Reported To Mueller For ‘Suspicious Transactions’ Soon By Deutsche Bank

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Now that longtime Trump friend Roger Stone has been looped into Robert Mueller’s investigations, people speculating on who may be next to run afoul of the probe are actively looking even closer to the president. The guesses were leaning toward Donald Trump Jr., but now the chairman of Deutsche Bank is indicating that it might be Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner instead.

Newsweek reported that Deutsche Bank, a German bank which has been tied to the Trump campaign, has shared that they have evidence of “suspicious transactions” by Kushner, and they are willing to share details with special counsel Robert Mueller.

Paul Achleitner, board chairman of Deutsche Bank, reportedly found some “disturbing” information when he conducted an internal investigation and provided the results to the German bank regulatory agency, BaFin, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.

German publication Manager Magazin wrote that the report pointed fingers at White House senior advisor Jared Kushner for questionable dealings.

“Achleitner’s internal detectives were embarrassed to deliver their interim report regarding real estate tycoon Kushner to the financial regulator BaFin. Their finding: There are indications that Donald Trump’s son-in-law or persons or companies close to him could have channeled suspicious monies through Deutsche Bank as part of their business dealings,” read Mother Jones‘ English translation of the above report.

However, Achleitner is reportedly concerned about what the results of the investigation say about Deutsche Bank, beyond pointing the finger at Kushner.

“What BaFin will do about [the bank’s findings] is not the bank’s greatest concern. Rather, it’s the noise that U.S. special counsel Robert Mueller … will make in his pursuit of Trump. For he will likely obtain this information—a giant risk to [the bank’s] reputation.”

For now, Deutsche Bank is continuing its investigation into Jared Kushner and his family’s real estate empire, and records regarding Kushner Companies were subpoenaed by federal prosecutors.

Additionally, an investigation into Jared Kushner and his business dealings will likely lead to the Trump campaign, as it’s been acknowledged that the Trump son-in-law was in even deeper to the campaign than previously thought as the “fixer in chief” after Michael Cohen was pushed out of the picture, per the Inquisitr.

Cohen is said to have been Donald Trump’s right-hand man when it came down to working with David Pecker of the National Enquirer to pay off women who reportedly had relationships with Donald Trump outside of his marriage. When Cohen moved on, Kushner reportedly became Pecker’s contact with the Trump campaign, to which lawyer Rudy Giuliani said that it’s no big deal.

“Nobody got killed, nobody got robbed… This was not a big crime. I think in two weeks they’ll start with parking tickets that haven’t been paid,” Giuliani said.