Justin McSwain Weight-Loss Pictures: 'My 600-LB Life' Subject Shows Off Tremendous Weight Loss, Life Changes

Justin McSwain came to My 600-LB Life with a host of complications adding to his life-threatening obesity --- he suffered from eating disorders and a case of agoraphobia so severe that it was nearly impossible for him to leave home to get treatment.

The problems dated long before he came onto the TLC docu-series seeking treatment. Justin already struggled with weight by the time he left for college, hoping that the newfound freedom would lead to a healthier life. Instead, his eating habits spiraled even more out of control and Justin ended up gaining 400 pounds in four years, People magazine noted. By the time he was able to seek treatment in an attempt to lose weight, Justin had no idea how much he weighed.

In a clip from Wednesday's episode of My 600-LB Life, Justin stepped on a scale to find out he weighed 687.5 pounds.

"That number is shocking to see because I knew I was likely in the 600s but I thought it was in the low 600s so getting help is even more urgent than I thought," he said (via Newsweek). "It makes me worry that there's a greater chance he may say that he can't help me because I'm so big."

But while many other people featured on the show struggled with the major changes they were asked to make, Justin appeared to dive into the work. Though he struggled physically and emotionally, it appears that he has been hard at work turning his life around for the better.

Though his situation was dire, updates that Justin McSwain has provided on social media show that he is on the road to losing weight. His Twitter page shows that Justin has moved to Houston, where it appears he is seeking full-time treatment. In the days before his episode aired, Justin took to Twitter to share a new profile picture that showed off some significant weight loss.

And perhaps just as importantly, Justin appears to be taking on his agoraphobia. His social media shows that he has taken to exploring Houston with his dog, taking long walks and making visits to the dog park. He's also taken part in a charity walk for the National Eating Disorders Association, showing that he continues to address his physical as well as mental health.More pictures of Justin McSwain's weight loss after My 600-LB Life can be seen on his Twitter and Instagram pages.