Betty White Celebrating 97th Birthday With Poker Night With Friends

Joe ScarniciGetty Images

Betty White has become one of America’s sweethearts and is beloved by pop culture enthusiasts all over the world. This week, the former Golden Girls star is celebrating her 97th birthday, and she’s doing it in style.

TMZ reports that Betty White is planning to ring in another year surrounded by her best friends as she hosts a poker night in honor of her 97th birthday. The Hollywood icon will be hoping for some good luck in the cards on Thursday night as she and her pals gather around the table to place their bets.

According to sources, Betty has had the same circle of poker playing friends for years, and that she’s been playing cards with them for decades. So, why should her 97th birthday be any different?

White has always been big on being young at heart, no matter what age she may be, and she’s proven that with her comedic roles, sweet gestures, and a life well lived.

The actress was spotted out in Beverly Hills on Wednesday and is said to be in very good health. Betty’s reportedly feeling great and had a huge smile on her face as she greeted fans while running errands in Hollywood on the day before her big birthday celebration.

Betty was born in 1922 and has enjoyed a career in the entertainment business for eight decades. The former child star made a name for herself by starring on hit shows such as The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Golden Girls, and Hot In Cleveland.

She is also said to love games and was a staple on the original Match Game, where she gave funny answers to fill in the blank of the hilarious statements given to her by the host.

According to Biography, White is also a known animal charity sponsor, who in the past reveals that she often times prefers the company of animals to that of people.

The actress previously stated, “I have to keep acting so that I can afford to keep doing my charity work!”

Betty has worked with a great deal of animal-related charities, including the Los Angeles Zoo and the Morris Animal Foundation for more than 40 years.

“I’m actually the luckiest old broad alive. Half my life is working in a profession I love and the other half is working with animals,” she stated about her endeavors.

Fans have been heading to social media to wish Betty White a happy 97th birthday, and she’ll likely be having a great time tonight at her poker-themed birthday bash.