Giuliani Fears Mueller Report Will Be 'Horrific,' Insiders Suggest Trump May Strike Deal To Resign

Andrew Denny

Rudy Giuliani recently told a friend that he expects the Mueller report to be "horrific," according to insiders who have begun speculating that Trump will make a deal with the special prosecutor to exchange his resignation for clemency.

In today's story in Vanity Fair about how White House aides fear that President Trump has no exit strategy for dealing with the border wall and government shutdown crisis, it was also revealed that those close to President Trump are fearing the worst from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into potential collusion between President Trump and Russian interests.

Giuliani, who is leading President Trump's legal team, in the past few days has suggested that the White House wants as much of the Mueller report to be made public, but did not rule out invoking executive privilege to block some parts of the report, according to NewsMax.

"We will enter that review process with no preconceptions about blocking material, but until our team reviews the report, we cannot waive executive privilege," he said.


Today's revelations in Paul Manafort's legal filings have given the first indication that Mueller may be closing in on a "smoking gun" in the Russian collusion investigation, as it was revealed that Manafort lied to investigators about sharing polling information with alleged Russian intelligence operative Konstantin Kilimnik during the 2016 presidential election campaign. While Manafort's defense team had previously shared information with Giuliani as part of a defense agreement, it is not certain at this time that Giuliani had been aware that Mueller had caught Manafort in the alleged prevarication.

The Manafort filings come at the same time that Donald Trump Jr. has again expressed concern to friends that he expects to be indicted by Mueller, according to Law & Crime. The possibility of Trump Jr.'s indictment has been raised for some time now, but rumors are swirling that he is again starting to discuss the possibility with those close to him.

It remains unlikely that President Trump will resign in an attempt to avoid exposure to the Mueller investigation, as doing so would open him up for potential indictment. Mueller has long stated that he would observe Department of Justice protocol and not indict a sitting president. Should President Trump resign, he would no longer have that executive privilege, so it is much more likely that a resignation from the president would have to be in conjunction with a promise of clemency from the special counsel's investigation.