AEW News: Brandi Rhodes Comments On Being AEW's Chief Brand Officer

While the roster of in-ring performers with All Elite Wrestling might be pretty thin still, their executive team is filling out rather quickly. First, the company announced that Tony Kahn, son of Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan, would serve as the company's president.

From there, Cody Rhodes, Nick Jackson, and Matt Jackson were all announced as executive vice presidents. There could be more positions revealed as time goes on, but it seems like the core of the company is locked in.

In a press release about the upcoming Double or Nothing rally, it was revealed that Brandi Rhodes wrote the press release and that she would serve as the company's chief brand officer.

The mention of Brandi Runnells' (aka Brandi Rhodes) new position was tucked away at the end of the press release and probably not noticed by many. However, once word got out, Brandi took to Twitter to offer her thoughts on being the CBO for the company.

"I've dreamt of a life where I could marry my passions, combining my academic past with my entertainment future. I'm so excited to have been named Chief Brand Officer of AEW, and thrilled to continue to entertain inside and around the ring. 2019 is going to be amazing."
Another interesting tidbit from her tweet is the mention that she will continue to entertain inside and outside the ring, which seems to imply that Brandi will continue working as a wrestler within the upstart promotion while serving in an executive role. That makes sense, as all the executives besides Tony Kahn are also wrestlers.

Typically, a chief brand officer is responsible for the brand's image. In most cases, the CBO reports directly to the CEO or board of directors. It's not clear exactly what the full executive structure for AEW is, but it would make sense for Brandi Rhodes to report directly to Tony Kahn.

Interestingly, chief brand officer is actually the same role Stephanie McMahon performs with the WWE (her on-screen title has been that of Raw Commissioner, but she's the CBO in real life).

Seeing as AEW is only just getting off the ground, and it has a lot of hype behind it, the brand's image is very positive right now. However, it'll be interesting to see how Brandi is able to keep the wrestling promotion's image positive going forward, especially if the company actually has plans to compete with the WWE.