Shudder’s ‘Christmas Presence’ Is Being Revered As One Of The Year’s Best Films By Horror Fans

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Christmas horror movies aren’t unheard of. In fact, Silent Night, Deadly Night and Black Christmas are both considered classic slasher films, beloved in the horror community. But generally speaking, Halloween is the holiday most think about when it comes to scary movies.

However, in recent years, Christmas-themed horror films have been becoming more and more ubiquitous. Movies like A Christmas Horror Story, Better Watch Out, Krampus, and Holidays are just a few examples of recent Yuletide horrors that deck the halls with terror and the macabre.

Horror streaming platform Shudder just released a pair of Christmas-themed horror movies including the anthology film Not A Creature Was Stirring as well as the movie Christmas Presence. The exclusive Shudder titles are both getting rave reviews from horror movie outlets and fans across Twitter.

According to a 1428 Elm review by Mads Lennon, she felt that despite Christmas Presence’s small budget “there were some frights in this more effective than those she’s seen in blockbuster horror films of the past year.” In her glowing review, she also remarked on the versatility of the movie, opining that Christmas Presence seems to have a little something for everyone.

“Shudder’s latest exclusive film, Christmas Presence, is a ghoulish, darkly comedic holiday horror film stuffed with charismatic performances and nasty scares at every turn.”

Fans on Twitter are praising the film as well.

While Christmas Presence is enjoying its time in the Sun right now, Shudder’s other exclusive Christmas-themed horror movie, All the Creatures Were Stirring is also generating similar buzz. Last night, horror fans took to Twitter to live-tweet the film’s Shudder debut. The response from fans was overwhelmingly positive with a number of glowing reviews already posted.

Horror film guru Holiday Godfrey of 25YearsLater praised the anthology film as something she would be adding to her regular Christmas viewing for years to come.

“The production is campy, the segments are gory, far fetched, and unreasonable—which is why I love basically everything about this film. I like it when a film doesn’t take itself too seriously, when you can feel through the screen that making the movie was fun, I got the feeling that that was the case for All the Creatures Were Stirring.”

Christmas officially ends in less than 10 days, but Shudder has two more exclusive movies coming to the streaming platform next month. If their current track record of hitting one home-run after another continues impressing horror fans, it doesn’t seem likely that Shudder is in danger of losing any subscribers for the foreseeable future.