Alec Baldwin Returns To ‘SNL’ To Imagine A World Without Trump In Star-Studded ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ Parody

The 'Saturday Night Live' five-timer stars in a spoof of the Christmas classic.

Host Matt Damon as Brett Kavanaugh, Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, and Kenan Thompson as Clarence the angel during the “It’s a Wonderful Trump” Cold Open .
Will Heath / NBC

The 'Saturday Night Live' five-timer stars in a spoof of the Christmas classic.

Saturday Night Live imagined what the world would be like if Donald Trump had never become president. In a spoof of the Christmas classic, It’s a Wonderful Life, Alec Baldwin returned as Donald Trump for the sketch, “It’s a Wonderful Trump.”

In the 1947 holiday film, a despondent George Bailey (played by Jimmy Stewart) is shown what the world would be like if he had never been born. In the end, he realizes all of the lives he has bettered. In the SNL spoof, all of the lives are better without Trump.

The Saturday Night Live cold open, which aired in black and white, featured Baldwin’s Trump wishing that he had ever become president as he goes on a journey led by the angel Clarence, played by Saturday Night Live regular Kenan Thompson.

“I don’t think I can do this anymore,” Baldwin’s Trump said. “It’s awful, everything’s falling apart, sometimes I wish I was never president.”

As Thompson’s angel Clarence took him on a journey to show him what the world would be like without him, Trump got a glimpse of all of the lives that were actually improved had he not become president. He visits Sarah Sanders (played by Aidy Bryant) to find that she is not his press secretary and is instead representing Facebook, infidelity dating site Ashley Madison, and the romaine lettuce industry in a red-hot public relations career.

Trump’s alternate reality also shows his wife Melania (played by Cecily Strong), now married to Papa John and perfectly fluent in English after having her language skills held back by Trump, while his son, Eric, shows up to reveal that, since he doesn’t have to run the Trump organization, he had time to take adult education courses and is now smart.

An ecstatic Michael Cohen, (played by Ben Stiller) is no longer facing years in prison, and Brett Kavanaugh (Matt Damon) reveals he was never voted on to the Supreme Court as he admits, “Me on the Supreme Court? With my temper?” He’s happy, though, that he can say he likes beer and hang out with pals PJ and Squee without people thinking he is threatening violence.

Trump is also visited by Kate McKinnon’s improved Kellyanne Conway (“After we lost the campaign the devil gave me my soul back”) as he finds out that Hillary Clinton is actually the president.

“Did they find her emails?” Trump asked.

“Yes, they were all Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons,” Clarence informed him.

Robert De Niro also returned to SNL as a proud grandpa Robert Mueller, who reveals that that not investigating “some idiot for treason” means he can spend more time with his grandson. In addition, Mike Pence is now happily working as a DJ.

In the end, a clueless Donald Trump still doesn’t take the hints that the world is a better place without him and declares, “I’ve had an epiphany. I guess the world does need me to be president after all!”

You can see Alec Baldwin in the “It’s a Wonderful Trump” spoof on Saturday Night Live below.

This is not the first time Saturday Night Live has spoofed It’s a Wonderful Life. In 1986, Dana Carvey starred in a lost ending to the classic story that explained what happens when the Baileys discover that Old Man Potter (Lionel Barrymore) has the missing $8,000 that prompted George to wish he had never been born. That plot point is left hanging in the original movie, but in the SNL “lost scene” the Bailey brothers seek revenge on the Bedford Falls villain.

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