'Baki' Season 3 Episode 25 Reveals Relationship Between Muhammad Ali And Yujiro Hanma

JB Baruelo

Baki Season 3 Episode 25, which is currently available on Netflix, featured a story of how legendary boxer Muhammad Ali met the strongest creature on Earth, Yujiro Hanma. A Japanese journalist came to visit Ali in his mansion where they spoke about the ups and downs of his boxing career.

The journalist was shocked when Ali mentioned the name Yujiro Hanma. It was revealed in the latest episode of Baki that Ali went to Japan on January 9, 1976, to engage in a mixed-match against Japanese pro-wrestler Antonio Igari. To avoid the media, Ali and his training buddies decided to do their roadwork at night. Ali was accompanied by five strong men who also made their own name in the world of fighting sports.

However, as they got far away from the gym, Ali realized that his comrades were missing one by one. He found out that all of them were taken out by Yujiro Hanma. When the Ogre appeared, Ali immediately sensed the enemy's incredible power and did a serious fighting pose. Baki Season 3 Episode 25 revealed that Ali wasn't just focused on boxing but in perfecting martial arts as well.

Unfortunately, despite going all out, Ali still proved to be no match for Yujiro. Though he knew that he's much stronger than the legendary boxer, Yujiro said that he has huge respect for Ali, especially for fighting for the underprivileged black people, the injured vets, and all the weak. Since their first encounter, Ali and Yujiro became good friends.

Baki Season 3 Episode 25 also showed Baki and his girlfriend Kozue going into the mountain to meet Reichi Ando, a ranger and a warrior who can take a black bear only using his bare hands. Ando quickly noticed Baki's deteriorating health and found out that it was caused by an organic poison. Ando gave Baki a mix of herbal medicines, but none of those seemed to have an effect. Ando knew that Baki will soon die if nothing is done.

Baki and Kozue went to a cave where his old friend Yasha-Zaru Jr. lives. He was a mysterious giant ape who once fought in the tournament at the underground arena. When they returned to Ando's house, Baki was surprised to see Retsu Kaioh. Retsu knocked out Baki with just one punch. In the final scenes of Baki Season 3 Episode 25, Retsu revealed that he plans to bring Baki to China where they will find treatment for his illness.