'Avengers: Endgame': Celebrities React To The Trailer

Caitlin Albers

It wasn't just fans who couldn't stop talking about Avengers: Endgame today. After the trailer for the highly anticipated MCU film dropped Friday morning, fans and celebrities alike took to the internet to discuss and promote one of the biggest movies of all time. Directors and brothers Joe and Anthony Russo released the trailer on their social media platforms, and it was all chaos among fans from then on out.

Much of the cast helped the Russo brothers promote the movie online. Mark Ruffalo joked on Twitter about Marvel not taking his title suggestion for the film, "Avengers: Register to Vote." The Hulk actor has been an advocate for voter reform and has been encouraging young people to vote for the past several years.

Jeremy Renner also played with his fans on social media about the release.

"Anyone see the trailer?" he joked on Instagram. Obviously, millions of his fans had already seen the trailer and were happy to see the actor return in Endgame after being absent in Infinity War.

"This one is special. You guys have no idea," Chris Evans teased in a tweet this afternoon. Fans are dying to know if Captain America makes it out of Endgame alive, assuming either he or Iron Man bites the bullet in an ultimate sacrifice.

"Just incase you haven't seen this yet or, if you'd like another look,,, please,,,be my guest… #TeamStark represents," the actor shared on Instagram this evening.

Even celebrities who aren't a part of the cast got in on the discussion this afternoon including Beauty and the Beast's Josh Gad.

"#AvengersEndgame is going to be sick but I kind of now want a Tony Stark 'Gravity' movie with him alone in space for two hours," the actor tweeted.

Superhero geek and director Kevin Smith couldn't keep his excitement off social media alongside so many other fans.

"The @MarvelStudios logo gets Snapped! The Thanos scarecrow! Ronin reveal! And @AntMan is gonna play a big role! @Avengers, I promise to stay alive until your tale is told! As my Grandma used to say whenever she was watching her favorite soap operas, 'Shut up! My stories are on!'" he tweeted today.