Dick’s Sporting Goods Could Soon Be Removing All Hunting Gear From Its Stores

Scott OlsonGetty Images

Hunters looking to stock up on ammo or buy a new camouflage hunting jacket may no longer be able to turn to Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The company’s CEO said in a conference call with investors this week that the sporting goods chain is exploring removing all hunting gear from its stores as a response to dropping revenue. Edward Stack, Dick’s CEO, said they have already removed hunting gear from 10 stores as something of a test run, ABC 11 reported.

The move comes as the company’s sales dropped 4.5 percent for the last quarter. As Fox Business reported, the company’s decision to stop all sales of assault rifles and set an age limit on firearm and ammunition sales had some impact on its overall hunting sales.

“Stack said the company replaced hunting goods in 10 stores where sales were particularly weak with gear from better-performing sectors such as baseball equipment,” the report noted.

“While Dick’s has yet to determine whether to remove hunting goods from other stores, Stack said the company would consider further reductions.”

Stack added that they will re-assess how the stores without hunting gear would perform and can implement it on a wider level “if that ends up to be a smart thing to do from a business standpoint.”

Even if the company does decide to get rid of hunting gear for all of its stores, it still maintains a significant imprint in outdoor-related gear. The company has opened Field & Stream Shops as a competitor to Cabela’s, selling guns and hunting and fishing supplies. Like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Field & Stream Shops also agreed to cease all sales of assault rifled following the Parkland, Florida, high school shooting.

In the place of hunting gear, Dick’s Sporting Goods will be replacing it with new baseball equipment and apparel along with licensed products and outerwear. That could be a lucrative business decision, as Business Wire noted that total revenue for baseball equipment is expected to grow by nearly 5 percent in the next two years.

While Dick’s Sporting Goods may have to get rid of hunting goods in response to dropping sales, other large retail chains have suffered a much harsher fate. A number of chains have had to make dramatic cuts to stores and some, including Sears, have even been pushed into bankruptcy as people turn more to online shopping than brick and mortar stores. Dick’s does not appear to be in trouble of closing down, with no plans to shutter stores.