Princess Diana’s Astrologer Debbie Frank Has Predictions About Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Royal Baby

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Princess Diana’s former astrologer Debbie Frank is still in the business of reading the stars and planets for portents of the future, and she has some predictions for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal baby, Tatler is reporting.

As you are no doubt aware by now, the 37-year-old Duchess of Sussex and her husband, the 34-year-old Duke of Sussex, are expecting their first child soon. At this point, the smart money is on an April or May 2019 birth, considering what we know about how advanced Meghan’s pregnancy is, added to what we know about human gestation.

However, Frank says the stars and planets portend an earlier birth.

“One thing I do feel is that it will be born earlier rather than later. I’m not sure about this late April delivery date.”

Frank says the stars are telling her that the royal baby, who will be seventh in line to the throne, will be an Aries, not a Taurus – or in other words, he or she will be born before April 20.

“I’m quite good at connecting with royal births, and with Meghan and Harry’s baby the main connections are there and I’m thinking a much earlier birth than late April.”

In fact, so good is Frank at predicting the astrological signs of royal births, she says that she accurately predicted that the as-yet-unborn royal baby’s cousin Prince George would be a Cancer just like his grandmother Princess Diana was.

“She was classically Cancerian: super sensitive, super emotional and very caring. She was very maternal and being a mother was the most important thing to her but also as a mother to the world and not just her boys. She would always be there for people and get involved in a very personal way.”

It bears noting, however, that Prince George was born on July 22; just a few hours later and he’d have been a Leo.

As for whether or not the royal baby will be a boy or girl, Frank says that the stars and planets are being circumspect about that (“you can’t really predict”).

Also silent are the stars and planets when it comes to names for the upcoming baby. So for that, we turn our attention to a much more vulgar predictor: money. Over in the British Isles, where betting on the outcome of events other than sports is both perfectly legal and a big money-maker for casinos, bookmakers are gladly taking money on the baby’s name. As of this writing, according to Ladbrokes, the smart money is on Victoria for a girl and Albert for a boy.