‘Big Brother’s’ Julie Chen Spotted On Rare Date Night With Husband Les Moonves After CBS Scandal

The fallen CBS exec steps out with his wife, who still technically works for the network.

Leslie Moonves and Julie Chen in 2017
Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

The fallen CBS exec steps out with his wife, who still technically works for the network.

Julie Chen got decked out for a date with her husband, Les Moonves, at a favorite Beverly Hills hot spot. The former CBS power couple stepped out for a date night a little more than two months after making headlines for their mutual exits from the network.

The Blast posted photos of Chen and Moonves as they were leaving Madeo restaurant in Beverly Hills on Saturday night. Chen was wearing a pink, fur-trimmed coat while her husband was wearing a stylish black coat, as they both headed to their car. The site reports that the swanky Madeo restaurant attracts an older and more sophisticated crowd, and is a popular pit stop for some of Hollywood’s most powerful executives.

When Les Moonves was the head of CBS — a post he held for 20 years until sexual misconduct allegations were made against him in two scathing New Yorker articles — the fancy restaurant was a regular hangout for him and his wife. In the aftermath of his “retirement” from CBS, Moonves and Chen have reportedly been seen there much less frequently.

Les Moonves stepped down from CBS after a dozen women came forward with sexual misconduct allegations against him. Chen followed suit—sort of—as she opted to stand by her man while still keeping one of her jobs at the network.

In September, Julie Chen quit her post on the daytime chatfest, The Talk, after eight seasons with the Emmy-winning show, but continued to host the final episodes of Big Brother. As a show of support for Moonves, Chen famously used her husband’s last name when signing off from the CBS reality show in late September, a first in her more than 20-year career on the network.

The popular Big Brother host has not yet announced if she will continue her role on the primetime reality show, which is expected to return for a celebrity edition this winter in addition to its annual summertime run.

As for Les Moonves, he’s officially done with CBS and everywhere else. Moonves recently told a TMZ reporter that he was “retired” when he was asked if he would consider the idea of creating his own network and a possible new talk show for his wife.

The TMZ reporter also told Chen that she needs to get back on television, to which her husband Less Moonves replied with, “You’re absolutely right.” Julie Chen has not confirmed her future plans with CBS or Big Brother, which she has hosted every summer since 2000.

Many Big Brother fans can’t imagine the CBS reality show going on without Julie Chen. The longtime host is so synonymous with the show that she is even nicknamed “Chenbot” by fans.