Elizabeth Hurley Defies Aging As She Dons Deep V-Neck Dress For Dinner By Candlelight

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

53-year-old Elizabeth Hurley is once again proving that age is just a number in her latest social media share. Taking to popular image platform Instagram to give a glimpse into her personal life to her legions of fans and followers, the Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery star turned quite a few heads in the process.

In this particular image, Hurley can be seen sitting at a wooden restaurant table, an unfinished plate of chocolate dessert resting before her. It appears that she was joined by her brother for the evening meal, at least according to the caption, wherein she also compliments her sibling for showing up to eat despite suffering from a high fever.

Clad in a deep navy blue dress with a plunging neckline, it’s clear that Elizabeth Hurley is hardly ashamed of her world-famous figure. The cut of her dress reveals a great deal of her bust, yet is modest enough to remain both elegant and classy — fit for the luxurious surroundings that she was captured in.

Wearing a smoky eyeliner, deep black mascara, and a demure pink lipstick, Hurley has clearly had practice in channeling the classical sense of beauty. Her signature chestnut tresses, highlighted with a hint of blonde, are styled straight as they tumble down about her next and shoulders.

It appears that admirers of the actress were inclined to appreciate the share as well, offering up over 45,000 likes and 600-plus comments to Elizabeth in response to the snapshot.

“You are glowin. How beautiful you are Liz. Greetings from Argentina,” one user wrote, while another punned on Elizabeth’s caption, penning, “Gorgeous Liz, you always put me in a fever!!!”

Elizabeth Hurley hasn’t been shy in sharing provocative photos of herself on Instagram as of late, as the Inquisitr previously detailed. Sharing nearly a dozen skimpy outfits over the course of November alone, it looks like the Bedazzled star is enjoying the social media spotlight as her devotees take in her timeless aesthetic appeal.

Of course, there’s more to the British actress and model than her good looks — Hurley is also an internationally recognized philanthropist and a lifelong supporter of charitable causes. Per AOL, Hurley recently spoke out on the issue of breast cancer in support of the Estee Lauder Companies Breast Cancer Campaign.

“The beauty industry is a great industry for women. I remember going to my very first sales conference when i first joined [Estée Lauder] in Florida in the mid ’90s and being astounded at how it must have been 500 to one, women to men. And its a really good feeling, it’s a lovely feeling … [Estée Lauder] really wanted to give something back to women hence their unbelievable efforts with the breast cancer campaign, the $76 million they’ve raised over the last 20 years — their determination to really be part of a world that ends up without breast cancer.”

Hurley has been a brand ambassador in support of the Pink Ribbon-allied campaign for 20 years.