Priyanka Chopra Dishes On Her Weight Loss Secrets

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Former Miss World Priyanka Chopra is one of the prettiest and fittest actresses in the business, and earlier this year, Maxim India even named her the hottest woman on the planet for the fifth time in a row. The actress, who is Nick Jonas’ fiancee, recently dished to TN about her secret to weight loss, giving her fans a reason to watch their waists during the holiday season.

Priyanka Chopra’s Weight Loss Plan

Priyanka Chopra advised those who want to shed pounds to follow a simple, balanced diet that doesn’t include depriving yourself of vital nutrients. She was additionally quoted saying the following.

“I don’t believe in being a size 0. I don’t believe in starving. Women should totally embrace their curves.”

The Bollywood star keeps herself hydrated by drinking plenty of water and coconut water (her personal favorite). The future Mrs. Nick Jonas said she also avoids greasy foods and prefers having homemade dishes as opposed to processed or fast foods.

“Piggy Chops” also shared that she dines on lots of fresh vegetables and fruits that are full of fiber and are nutrient-dense. Chopra also said that she eats something every couple of hours in order to keep her energy levels up and to keep her metabolism pumping.

Priyanka Chopra gave a glimpse of a sample plan of what she eats in a day.

  • “Breakfast: 2 egg whites or oatmeal with a glass of skimmed milk.
  • Lunch: 2 chapattis, dal, veggies and salad.
  • Evening snacks: Turkey sandwich or a sprout salad.
  • Dinner: Soup with grilled chicken or fish with some sautéed veggies.”

The sultry star shared with her fans that she also cheats on her diet a little on weekends. Chopra often treats herself to an occasional cocktail, chocolate, tandooris, and cake during that time.

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Priyanka Chopra’s Healthy Fitness Plan

The Quantico stunner has a toned body and sexy abs, but it turns out that she really doesn’t care for the gym — and she says she only exercises when she gains some weight. However, for her movie roles, Priyanka has to maintain a perfect and chiseled physique. For that reason, she’ll follow a workout regimen and stay with it.

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Two ways that Priyanka Chopra says she keeps in shape is through yoga and swimming, and she says she loves both activities. She credits the yoga for her flexibility and toned body. When she goes swimming, she attempts to do 10 laps “continuously.”

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Priyanka additionally hits the gym four times during the week, and her usual go-to workout is cardio. Chopra mixes in a little resistance training such as squats when she visits the gym, too. To keep her mental health in tip-top shape, she meditates to release her mind from any anxiety or stress.

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Priyanka Chopra also said that she liked to mix up her exercise regime with a variety of activities. She’s been known to participate in running and spinning and weight training and additionally does reverse crunches, bench jumps, planks holds and biceps curls.