Tyler Dooley Says Meghan Markle Should Be ‘Proud’ Of Family & Thinks MTV Show Will ‘Bridge Differences’

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Meghan Markle’s nephew, Tyler Dooley, has been in the spotlight lately thanks to his participation in MTV’s new show, The Royal World. All of the cast members other than Tyler are a royal of one sort of another, although Dooley offers his own following and intrigue considering he’s Meghan Markle’s nephew.

Royal fans couldn’t have expected the level of publicity and arguably, embarrassment, that followed the wedding between Markle and Prince Harry. The American family has been drumming up drama left and right, starting with Meghan’s dad, Thomas, who sold staged paparazzi photos in clear violation of the royal family’s privacy and wishes. And for Tyler, his appearance on the show is something he hopes can help the family feud, described The Mirror.

“When Meghan finds out that I am on the show I think she will watch it and I really do think that this will allow us to bridge any differences that are out there.”

However, Dooley may be missing the point altogether. After all, the feud between the family and Meghan stems from unauthorized interviews and contact with the media. And going on a reality TV show solely based on relations with the duchess, could be considered just another ploy for media exposure and attention.

Of course, there’s no way to know if Meghan really will take the time to watch the show. After all, she’s likely to have her hands full with her pregnancy and royal duties.

But it’s well known to royal fans that the duchess has cut off all forms of communication with her family, which has been a source of complaints by the dad, as well as half-sister Samantha and now, Tyler.

“The Royal Family and what has happened with this mainstream media and this level of exposure on my family it is like we cannot even speak to her everything just cut off.”

But it doesn’t seem like Tyler is clueless about the public perception of the Markle clan.

“I don’t like what has happened to my family it is a national embarrassment,” he noted.

With that being said, the nephew feels that Meghan did them all a disservice by excluding them from the royal wedding.

“I love my aunt and she should be proud of where she came from and her family.”

It’s hard to know for sure why only the duchess’ mother ended up at the wedding, but rumors speculate that family members like Samantha and Tyler were also absent from Meghan’s first wedding.