‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Is Digging Herself Deeper Into The Arms Of A Serial Killer

Valerie DurantABC Press

General Hospital’s bad girl, Ava Jerome, has a history of lashing out when she’s been hurt and her daughter knows all about that. Kiki figured out her mother’s latest scheme pretty quickly last week. She confronted Ava in front of Ryan, and he was enjoying the whole thing. He is actually encouraging her to go to the dark side and obsessing about her in the process.

It sounds like the PCPD may be closing in on who murdered Mary Pat on Halloween, as SheKnows Soaps has teased for the first week of December. Ryan may be eyeing his next victim soon, but hopefully Jordan and Chase can catch him before he kills someone else.

Ryan’s plan is to get closer to Ava, especially after she is rejected by Kiki. Her plan to have her daughter’s heart broken by the same man who broke hers has backfired. She is digging herself in deeper and Ryan will be there to make sure she continues down her dark path.

He is pleased to see that his encouragement has worked in Ava. He has grown so infatuated by her that he seems to have completely forgotten about his original obsession of Felicia. She is the reason that he escaped Ferncliff. But then he met the bad girl of Port Charles and his affections have taken a strange turn.

General Hospital rumors have teased that Kiki Jerome will be Ryan’s next victim. He will kill her to please Ava, but that may not be true at all. It wouldn’t be a total shock if that does happen. However, it would be tragic and would change Ava’s life forever.

The cliffhanger on Wednesday proved that Ava is way in over her head. Now that Laura has seen who she thinks is her husband in the arms of the former mobster, she will likely be the most hated woman in Port Charles. She is playing right into the hands, and the affections, of a serial killer.

Co-head writer Shelly Altman dished in the recent issue of ABC SoapsIn Depth that Ava just loves to stir things up. This scenario with Griffin and Sasha is just her latest scheme for revenge. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like it’s going to end well.

Altman said that Ava’s actions will have dire consequences for many people in Port Charles, even Ava herself. It certainly doesn’t sound good. Ava is digging her own grave and may be taking others with her.

The rest of November will have the continuing infatuation between Ryan and Ava. Ryan’s charade will be coming to an end eventually, but not before he wreaks havoc in Port Charles. It will be a shock when everyone realizes that they have been communing with an infamous serial killer, not Dr. Kevin Collins.