Macy’s Hilariously Trolled Chrissy Teigen While John Legend Performed At Their Annual Thanksgiving Parade

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images for Glamour

A lot has changed since 2014; there’s a new president in office, a new most-followed person on Instagram, and a number of new little faces associated with the Kardashian surname, just to name a few. One thing that has withheld the test of time is the sassiness delivered by model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen, many times via her Twitter account, where 10.6 million followers are able to witness her infamous remarks first hand.

One account that has followed Teigen through the years is that of the popular department store, Macy’s, whose annual Thanksgiving parade yesterday featured a performance from none other than Chrissy’s husband, John Legend. And while John was excited for his spot on the Build-A-Bear float during the yearly tradition, its sponsor, Huffington Post noted, was quick to point out that his wife had once tweeted that she felt the exact opposite about the event.

Legend took to his own twitter account early Thursday morning, reminding fans that he would soon be part of the annual festivity. Not even five minutes later, Macy’s social media team responded to his announcement, reminding that Chrissy once voiced some strong feelings about parades.

“Imagine being bored enough to watch a parade on television,” Teigen tweeted in 2014 shortly before Thanksgiving, which the Macy’s Twitter account screenshotted and featured in a hilarious “throw back Thursday” tweet yesterday along with a screenshot of Legend’s tweet advertising his Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade appearance.

Both John and Chrissy acknowledged the department store’s slick response, and gave the social media team props for such a clever post.

“Damn Macys a savage (still didn’t watch) I’m sure ya did great kiddo,” Chrissy tweeted back.

But it seems that Chrissy was able to make nice with parades, at least for the day, as she later shared videos proving that she was one of the millions of viewers of the event.

Despite her viewership, Chrissy stood by her 2014 statement, following up a tweet revealing she was watching with more posts questioning what she referred to as the “utter chaos” that is the annual Thanksgiving tradition.

“Parades are weird I stand by my statement like this is getting progressively weirder,” she wrote while showing a clip of Sugerland’s parade performance.

She later gave a potential reason for her controversial feelings about the event, writing that she “must have been killed by a float in a past life or something,” and that she was “very uncomfortable watching this.”