‘Little People, Big World’ Star Audrey Roloff Reveals Rocky Marriage Secrets, Per ‘Radar’

Jeremy, Audrey and Ember Roloff celebrate Thanksgiving.
Audrey Roloff / Instagram

Audrey Roloff, one of the stars of TLC’s Little People, Big World, revealed rocky marriage secrets during the latest episode of the podcast she shares with husband Jeremy titled Behind the Scenes, according to a report by Radar Online.

The couple’s young marriage reportedly got off to a rocky start after they said “I do” in September of 2014.

The couple moved to Los Angeles shortly after their wedding at the Roloff Farm in Hillsboro, OR. Their relationship started as a long-distance friendship for two years before becoming romantic, and then it was a long-distance relationship for three more years. Roloff was studying at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California, at the time.

“We wanted to move somewhere that could be ours,” Audrey, 27, said during the podcast of their move away from their families.

Radar reported that upon their arrival at their new home, things took an unfortunate turn.

“The first thing to unload was our giant mattress. We were on the second story of this apartment complex… we started carrying it in. I was walking backward so you would have all the weight when we were carrying it. So I didn’t really see where I was going and I rolled my ankle hard on this little curb pathway,” she revealed.

Upon a quick trip to a local medical center, it was found that she had fractured her leg in two places, revealed the Radar story.

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“I was supposed to start my job the next morning,” Audrey said. “So I had to call my employer and be like, ‘I broke my foot moving in’ and I needed to delay my start date. The doctors said it would take two-and-a-half months to heal.”

Apparently, that was the start of a sad situation for the couple, who soon found that none of their utilities were working in their new home.

The overly-stressed duo was forced to hightail it to a hotel.

“We had every reason to be mad at life, be mad at each other because we were just frustrated,” Jeremy Roloff said.

Audrey Roloff continued to deal with medical issues throughout the first months of their marriage. The former reality star revealed during the podcast that the night before she was to return to work after her foot injury she broke out in hives. To this day, it is unclear what caused her reaction.

Jeremy Roloff then revealed of their dire new marriage, “We went to Cedar Sinai for one night, not even one night, it’s like two hours we were there and we got bills for three years.”

The couple explained during the podcast that their love for one another was “tested” during that tense period of time.

“We were still getting medical bills for the foot thing… I think some of this might have been a spiritual attack,” the spiritual star revealed.

“Because we are newlyweds and we’ve done so much to prepare to protect our marriage. I don’t think satan is creative. He’s not. And what easier way for him to attack a newlywed couple then through health and finances.”

They lived there for a year before relocating to Bend, Oregon. In 2017, they give birth to their first child, Ember.

The couple no longer appears on TLC’s Little People, Big World.