Unlike Other Trump Siblings, Tiffany Trump's Financial Future Isn't Guaranteed

Unlike her siblings, Ivanka, Donald Jr., Eric, and Barron, Tiffany Trump doesn't get an allowance, and growing up, Donald Trump only paid for her school tuition. The only daughter of Donald Trump and Marla Maples says she was not raised in the extravagant lifestyle that her father's other children enjoyed.

People Magazine says that while Trump's children with Ivana and Melania were flying on their private planes, Tiffany Trump and her mother were flying coach.

Tiffany Trump says that when her mother and father divorced, she moved to California with Maples where she was raised by her mother and not nannies.

"Growing up in California, [my mom and I] were always together. [She was always] driving me to school, carpooling, singing songs, [and] dancing around."
Tiffany Trump, who is currently attending Georgetown Law School, just a few miles from the White House, says that while her half-siblings were raised in New York, her mother moved her to the West Coast so that she could have a normal childhood.
"She moved us out of New York to get out of the spotlight and let me grow up and find my own identity versus being in the shadow of a name or growing up very young with all that pressure. So, she wanted me to have a chance to have a normal childhood. As normal as possible. I think that she did well in that."
Friends of the youngest Trump daughter explain that neither Tiffany nor Marla Maples dares say anything negative about Donald Trump because unlike her siblings, her financial future is not guaranteed. Beyond her education, the president does not have to give her a dime.
"She says she is not guaranteed anything, which is one of the reasons Tiffany and Marla have been so respectful of her dad and tiptoed around so much."
Another friend says that her father has secured Tiffany a small apartment and pays her law school tuition, but that's it.
"Donald paid for her college and gave her an apartment, but she did not get any allowance. She did ask her sister to talk to him about changing that though. Ironically enough they're very close now."
Childhood friends say that because of her last name, people always assumed that Tiffany was wealthy, but that was never the case.
"People assumed she was rich because of who her father was, but she always lived a very modest lifestyle. School was always covered but that was pretty much it."