Trump ‘Can’t Imagine Anybody Else’ For ‘Time’ Person Of The Year

Joe RaedleGetty Images

Reporters asked President Trump who he thought Time Magazine should feature as Person of the Year for the year 2018 issue – a special edition that comes out each December. While Trump initially told the reporters it was a decision only Time Magazine could make, he did believe there was an obvious choice – himself.

“I don’t know, that is up to Time magazine,” he said in response to the reporter’s question. “I can’t imagine anybody else other than Trump, can you imagine anybody else other than Trump?”

The Washington Post reminds us, the president has had a bit of an obsession with Time Magazine’s Person of the Year for several years now.

Last year, Trump went on record saying Time Magazine told him he was “probably” going to receive the honor. He claimed to have opted out because it “probably is no good.” While Time Magazine did go on record disputing Donald’s version of the story, the publication did not provide any details regarding their version of what happened.

Two years ago – in 2016 – Donald was honored with Time Magazine‘s Person of the Year award. This title was awarded to him after he was elected as the next president. At the time, Trump went on record telling reporters it “means a lot” and that he viewed the title as a “very great honor.”

Yesterday, Time Magazine released readers’ poll results regarding who they thought should be Person of the Year. Unfortunately for Trump, readers of the publication did not agree with his self-nomination. In fact, Trump was tied in 13th place with Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and Robert Mueller.

Trump only brought in about 2 percent of the total votes.

A South Korean boy band named BTS was crowned with the most votes in the reader poll.

Typically, editors of the publication do not announce who they have honored as their Person of the Year until December.

Donald’s opinions about Time Magazine do swing both ways as there have been more than a few times that the president criticized the publication for their decisions. When Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. was featured on a cover of an issue (not a Person of the Year issue) in 2012, for example, Trump tore into the publication. Moreover, he questioned how credible the publication could possibly be after it neglected to include him in their list of top 100 influential people.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for people to share their thoughts on Trump nominating himself as Time‘s Person of the Year on social media.

“Only every single person in the known or unknown universe. Literally, anyone but you,” one Twitter user said as they adamantly disagreed with Trump.

“I can imagine Michelle Obama, Jim Acosta, Rachael Maddow, Robert Mueller…anyone but Trump. I have no time for Trump, that floor has been #raked,” a second Twitter user chimed in.

For the most part, everyone taking the time to react to what Trump had said seem to agree that just about anyone else would be a better choice. The original conversation between Trump and the reporter can be viewed and listened to in the tweet above.