Wrestler El Cuervo Hospitalized At Lucha Boom After Getting Hit In Head With Concrete Block

El Cuervo de Puerto Rico Facebook Page

While most of the wrestling fans in the United States were busy watching Monday Night Raw, a horrifying match was happening just outside of Mexico City in the Lucha Memes slash Lucha Boom promotion. In a match between Angel o Demonio and El Cuervo, the former grabbed a brick from the backstage area and threw it at Cuervo.

As reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet, during the match, Cuervo apparently hit Demonio with a steel chair several times, and apparently the block was used in retaliation. At this time, we’re not sure if using the concrete block was a planned spot in the match — or if Demonio was legitimately upset and was trying to injure his opponent.

From the video provided via YouTube — which is not for the squeamish — it’s clear that Cuervo had no idea the block was coming, as it was thrown from behind him. Demonio was in the ring, and Cuervo was outside on the floor, when the brick was thrown. He never had a chance to duck — or to brace for the impact.

Cuervo was almost immediately knocked unconscious by the shot, but he did eventually regain consciousness and make his way to the back of the arena. The performer was unable to finish the match as the ringside doctor called the whole thing off as soon as the impact occurred. Reports also indicate that an ambulance was called, and that Cuervo was taken to the hospital.

In a post match promo, Demonio apologized to the crowd for Cuervo not being able to finish the match. It doesn’t appear, however, that he actually apologized for throwing a large concrete brick at his opponent’s head.

According to WrestleZone, Angel o Demonio posted on Facebook that the shot with the brick was a “receipt from hard chair shots earlier in the match.” In wrestling terms, a receipt is when one performer hits the other with a real shot in retaliation for an attack that was perceived as too stiff. It’s like an eye for an eye.

However, while he did call it a receipt, he also claimed that he was not aiming for his head when he threw the concrete block.

According to Cuervo’s Facebook, he had a blood clot in his head, and he had surgery to fix it. Thankfully, it sounds like the surgery was successful. The post on his page says — as roughly translated by Facebook — “We are informed that the operation that the raven was a success. The clot was removed and is stable.”

The full event is available on YouTube, and the moment in question takes place at 1:08:25 of the video. It is fairly graphic in nature, and viewer discretion is strongly advised.