Kandi Burruss Raises Speculation About Porsha Williams’ Boyfriend Cheating On Her

Vivien KillileaGetty Images for Webber Films/ Riveting Entertainment

Lately, Porsha Williams has been floating on cloud nine. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is in love with her man, Dennis McKinley, and now they’re expecting their first child together. In fact, fans began speculating about wedding bells long before Dennis proposed. However, if Kandi Burruss’ latest statements prove to be true, Porsha’s fairytale romance could soon become a nightmare. On the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi explained why she thinks Dennis still has “unfinished business” with his ex-girlfriend.

While talking to the camera, Kandi started the discussion with the latest on her rocky friendship with Porsha Williams. While the two ladies are now amicable, they still aren’t exactly the best of friends.

According to Heavy, the former Xscape singer didn’t mince words with her opinion of Dennis describing him as a “dog.” Kandi’s statement will likely cause more tension with Porsha. Since this is only the beginning of the season, more drama is likely to unfold during the coming months. On social media, Kandi’s perspective has already sparked a heated debate but now there is even more speculation about Dennis.

The latest news follows a string of reports about other accusations Dennis McKinley is currently facing. According to Celebrity Insider, a lawsuit was filed in Magistrate Court of Fulton County against Dennis’ business Queen Virgin Remy Hair. A woman named Kimberly Garlick accused Dennis of selling her more than $400.00 worth of “faulty merchandise.” However, Dennis has always maintained his innocence.

He immediately responded to the lawsuit with a motion to dismiss the case arguing Garlick “falsely indicated that she has an account with Defendant.”

“There is no legitimate basis under the facts of this case to substantiate a claim upon which relief may be granted,” he wrote.

“Defendant [McKinley] has never sold any merchandise to Plaintiff [Kimberly Garlick] nor has had any dealings with Plaintiff, and therefore is an improperly named party to the lawsuit.”

The following year, Dennis filed a lawsuit against Shanise Thomason for “trademark infringement, conversion, and other wrong wrongful acts.” That legal dispute also involved his business. He accused Thomason of stealing nearly $6,000 worth of merchandise from his Georgia retail location.

Dennis recounted the incident, claiming Thomason “walked behind the front counter and went into the stock room, and then removed hair products from storage by placing them in a black trash bag and leaving the store,” according to the publication. Thomason was ultimately cleared of the charges because she reportedly told authorities that she shared ownership of the business with Dennis. He later admitted that they had discussed the possibility of joint ownership but never expounded on the idea. To many RHOA fans, the reports paint a shady picture of Dennis and Kandi Burruss’ claims and have only led to heightened speculation. Only time will tell how things turn out for Porsha and Dennis.

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