WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar And Nia Jax Have Legit Heat Backstage With Other Superstars, Per ‘Wrestling Observer’


It’s not an overly uncommon thing and it isn’t for either of the two people in question, but there is legitimate heat on two superstars on the Monday Night Raw roster. There are rumors going around that both WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and Nia Jax have legitimate heat on them in the WWE locker room and backstage. The word going around is that both superstars work very stiff and often careless in the ring, and the injuries issued to other talents are not being accepted well.

Wrestling Observer Live, by way of Wrestling Inc., is reporting that the heat on Brock Lesnar has been around for a long time as many feel as if he is “bulletproof” in the company. A lot of superstars and even some backstage executives believe that Lesnar can’t be touched and can pretty much do anything without any consequences.

This week on Monday Night Raw, Lesnar had a segment with Jinder Mahal and the Singhs which led to a beatdown of all three. That included a German suplex to Sunil Singh which looked really bad as he landed horribly, but it luckily ended without any kind of serious injury.

Some people just believe he is careless and reckless and has no consideration for the safety of others in the ring.

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The heat on Brock Lesnar is said to come more from other superstars and co-workers as they fear for their safety when working with him. It’s known that refusing to work a match or segment could result in losing a spot or your push, so, no-one says anything to management.

When it comes to Nia Jax, the heat on her is coming more from officials as well as other female superstars on the roster. It’s not anything new that some have worried about her in-ring work being careless and reckless as well, but the latest situation has caused a lot of problems.

As many wrestling fans are aware of, Nia Jax landed a punch on Becky Lynch this week on Raw which led to a number of issues. Not only did it leave Lynch bloody and with a “broken face,” but she also suffered a concussion which forced her out of Survivor Series.

Due to that punch to Lynch’s face, Charlotte Flair is now going to face off against Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series.

For now, nothing is seemingly being done by WWE management even though there is heat on both Brock Lesnar and Nia Jax. The two superstars are moving along with their storylines and continuing to be a part of house shows and television. If more issues and injuries continue to pile up, though, WWE will eventually have to do something to stop them from happening again.