Twitter Mystery: Fox News, Jill Stein, WikiLeaks, Prominent Right Wingers Abruptly Stop Posting At Same Time

Nathan Francis

On the morning of November 9, Fox News abruptly stopped tweeting -- and has not been active on Twitter since then.

In the days that followed, a stream of other right-wing and Trump-connected individuals and organizations have also fallen silent on the site, widening the mystery of why they have so suddenly stopped posting. Speculation reigns as to whether there is any connection or co-ordination between these conservative outlets.

When Fox News stopped tweeting, reports indicated that the network was staging a protest of sorts about the treatment of television personality Tucker Carlson. As Newsweek noted, some users on Twitter shared personal information -- including his home address -- which led to protests that Carlson claimed threatened his family.

Business Insider reported that Fox News managing editor Greg Wilson asked all staff members to "refrain from tweeting out our content from either section accounts or your own accounts until further notice." As Newsweek noted, some Fox News personalities have continued posted during that time, but the network itself has now gone several days without offering any updates. This was hitherto a prominent Twitter account that had been posting several stories every hour before having gone silent.

Meanwhile, a number of other accounts have fallen silent on Twitter as well. Wikileaks and Kim Dotcom also stopped tweeting on Thursday. On Friday, former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein fell silent, as did the National Enquirer and Rudy Giuliani. The following day, Trump campaign chief Brad Parscale stopped tweeting. Matt Drudge has not only stopped tweeting, but also deleted his entire Twitter history -- though some of his followers noted that he regularly deletes tweets.

Right-wing pundit Jerome Corsi said in a broadcast this week that he expects to be indicted, and reports from the Inquisitr have indicated that Donald Trump Jr. has privately told friends that he believes he will be indicted as well.