Chinese Woman Cheats Death After Being Hit By 90mph Train While Taking Artsy Photos

The dramatic moment that a Chinese student was hit by an express train travelling at 90mph, and survived, has been caught on camera.

Xiao Li had asked her friend, Xiao Qing, to take some action photographs of her hair flying back as the train paced past her in Shaodong, Hunan province, southern China.

However, the 20-year-old lost her footing as she attempted to pose and them stumbled on to the train as it raced along the tracks. Li’s left shoulder smashed on to the side of the vehicle, and she then fell onto the gravel.

The driver witnessed the ordeal and immediately turned on his brakes, only to learn that Li had miraculously only bruised her shoulder and her life wasn’t in danger.

“I felt this sudden bump and I was flying sideways. The train stopped and the driver thought he must have killed me,” stated Li.

She also added, “I didn’t realise I was so close. My shoulder was badly bruised but I’m lucky to be alive. Maybe next time we’ll do some pictures indoors.”

A police spokesman for the province said, “It’s strictly illegal to interfere with the railway lines but she seems to have punished herself quite a bit already.” The image has since gone viral.

Last October, a heart-stopping video emerged online that showed a train passenger almost being decapitated after, being egged on by several of her friends, she stuck her head out of a moving carriage.

Have you ever come as close to death as Xiao Li?