NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch Suggests Supporters Will Need To Bring Guns To Vote To Protect Against Liberals

Dana Loesch is warning the NRA's followers that they may need to be armed and ready for voting in the upcoming midterm elections.

The NRA spokeswoman made the controversial statement on NRATV this week, warning that liberals may be planning to intimidate "law-abiding gun owners" who happen to bring their guns to the polls. As the left-leaning Media Matters noted, Loesch cited a quote about troubling rhetoric from conservatives -- including Donald Trump, who has come under fire for sharp attacks against political rivals -- but said it is actually liberals who are the dangerous ones.

Loesch went on to suggest that NRA supporters may need to bring guns to the polls to protect themselves against these angry liberals.

"What's astounding about this quote from Volsky is that he cites the troubling rhetoric in politics these days and then thinks the best answer to the potential for danger is to intimidate those individuals who may be carrying a weapon explicitly to protect themselves given how insane things have gotten," Loesch said (via Media Matters). "And by the way all of that insanity, all of the out of control anger and screaming that we've seen on television and at protests in this country, those weren't law-abiding gun owners. Those were progressives, anti-gun progressives to be exact."

Her statement dovetails with other messaging from Republicans trying to paint liberals as dangerous "mobs" who would rule with violence. Donald Trump has repeatedly referred to the left as "angry mobs" while also stoking fears that Democrats are to blame for a group of migrants moving toward the U.S. border to seek asylum.

Dana Loesch went on to concede that she was not suggesting "the political right is free of their own troublemakers" but said no one on the right has done anything close to "a Bernie bro shooting up a congressional ball field or throwing boulders through someone else's window or attacking and assaulting individuals with different campaigns."

But just hours after Loesch's controversial statement, a number of top-ranking Democrats and other opponents of Donald Trump were mailed makeshift bombs. While police have not yet identified a suspect or a motive, the targets of the bombs -- including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and CNN's New York offices -- have all been frequent targets of Donald Trump and others on the right.

Dana Loesch's advice for NRA supporters to bring their guns to the polls could get some of them into trouble. As CNN noted in a 2016 story, a number of states have laws against voters coming strapped on Election Day, especially those that use schools and polling places.