Donald Trump Keeps Accidentally Referring To John Bolton As 'Mike Bolton' -- Yes, Like The Singer

Donald Trump apparently has a hard time differentiating his hawkish national security adviser from the silky crooner behind hits like "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You?"

This week, Trump accidentally referred to top White House adviser John Bolton as Mike Bolton --- the same name as the famous long-haired singer. The gaffe, which Politicus posted to Twitter, took place during statements Trump made in the Oval Office this week about relations with Russia, with the president saying he would send "Mike Bolton" to sort out the nuclear treaty that Trump has accused Russia of breaking.

The mistake went viral across the internet, with many mocking Trump for mistaking the "When A Man Loves A Woman" singer for a member of his cabinet. The left-leaning political blog Palmer Report took Trump to task for his inability to remember the names of his close cabinet members (and this is the same president who referred to his own wife as "Melanie" in a tweet earlier this year).

The Palmer Report wondered if Donald Trump may have actually thought he sent Michael Bolton overseas.
"If you're my age, you probably remember Michael Bolton as a pop singer. If you're younger, you might know Michael Bolton from his Captain Jack Sparrow impression. If you're Donald Trump, you apparently think that Michael Bolton is your new White House National Security Adviser and you've just sent him overseas to fix things by – we presume – singing to everyone. No, really."
This isn't the first time that Donald Trump has had a problem keeping names of his closest cabinet members straight. He has slipped up a number of other times, including a 2017 listening session where he told reporters "We don't make mistakes" before immediately getting into a name gaffe while introducing a police official.

"It's always live for me, you know, unfortunately, other guys make a speech and nobody cares, with me, everything's live," he said (via "One mistake and it's no good. We just can't make mistakes, right? So, we don't make mistakes. Go ahead, Ken."

"I'm Chuck Canterbury, the National President of the Fraternal Order of Police from South Carolina," the man said immediately afterward.

And this was not the first time that Donald Trump referred to his national security adviser as "Michael Bolton." As New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman reported, Trump has called John Bolton the soft rock singer on a number of other occasions as well.