Google Pixel Slate To Take On Apple iPad Pro

Simon Alvarez

Recently, there was a leak revealing more information about the Google Pixel Slate. As more details come out, it is becoming somewhat clear that the Google Pixel Slate will take on the Apple iPad Pro.

According to 9 to 5, images of the Google Pixel Slate were leaked, giving the public a much clearer picture of the new device. The Pixel Slate, otherwise known as Nocturne, is expected to be a Chrome OS tablet.

Google is expected to launch its latest tablet during its MadeByGoogle event this coming October 9, 2018. So far the Chrome OS tablet is speculated to have a touchscreen with an aspect ratio of 3:2, reported My Smart Prince. It is believed that the Google Pixel Slate will also come with a stylus similar to the one that came with the Pixel Chromebook.

The Pixel Slate will have a dark navy blue keyboard with rounded keys and a touchpad. It is still unclear if the Pixel slate has cellular connectivity, but there are areas on the tablet which strongly suggest it does. Based on multiple reports, the Chrome OS tablet will attach to the keyboard via four pogo pins. There is a button on the keyboard to launch Google Assistant directly.

The Google Pixel Slate is reminiscent of Microsoft's Surface Pro. Given that the Surface Pro currently resides at the top of hybrid devices and may be leagues ahead of any similar device, the Pixel Slate's direct competitor would be Apple's iPad Pro which was first unveiled only a couple years ago.

Both Google and Apple may be late in the game when it comes to hybrid devices, but both have shown some promise. Both companies have built devices with hardware and designs similar to the Surface Pro, so it may boil down to which one producs the best device for their respective software. With the introduction of the Pixel Slate, Google has created a hybrid tablet that is expected to fully utilize Chrome OS, as indicated by the Google assistant button placed in the detachable keyboard.

Either way, consumers are the winners. With the introduction of Google's Pixel Slate, buyers now have a wider range of hybrid tablets to choose from: the Microsoft Surface Pro for those who love Windows, Apple's iPad Pro for those who prefer iOS, and the Pixel Slate for those more comfortable with Chrome OS.