'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Jenna Cooper Faking Relationship With Jordan Kimball, Says Reality Steve [Rumors]

Stacy Carey

Gossip guru Reality Steve always has great spoilers to share when it comes to the Bachelor franchise -- and heading into the Bachelor in Paradise finale he alluded to some upcoming scoop that would really shake things up. He wouldn't share specifics with his Monday night Twitter tease, but Tuesday he had some tea to spill, and it was good stuff.

What has he just revealed?

During Monday night's Season 5 finale of Bachelor in Paradise, Reality Steve took to his platform on Twitter to share that Monday's finale and Tuesday's reunion should be "REAL funny to watch." He insinuated that there was something juicy about one of the contestants that he would soon reveal, noting that he doesn't discriminate when it comes to calling someone from the franchise out. Reality Steve noted that he would share details on Tuesday, and Bachelor fans were stalking his blog and Twitter page watching for updates.

Fans were busy guessing who might be involved in this upcoming scoop, but Reality Steve didn't share any further hints or confirmations. Some wondered if it would be related to Robby Hayes -- who popped up in Monday's finale -- but the gossip king has never hesitated to dish out dirt on Robby when given the chance. The tweet made it sound as if it was someone more beloved by fans, or someone who usually isn't associated with controversy or drama.

Reality Steve's spoilers reveal that he's been in contact with a man who reached out to him and is ready to put Jenna on blast. He says that the guy in question connected with Jenna via a business meeting that happened before filming Bachelor in Paradise, and they allegedly started an intimate relationship soon after the meeting. This guy shared text messages with Reality Steve, and the blogger says he's verified that the texts are legitimate and from Cooper's phone number.

Apparently, things got heated between Jenna and this guy this past Sunday night, and he was left angry and ready to expose her. Reality Steve isn't sharing his name, but the guy says that Jenna is a manipulator who is using Jordan and uses guys for attention and money.

According to Reality Steve's spoilers, Sunday night this guy pushed Jenna to get more serious about their relationship now that Bachelor in Paradise will wrap its run on ABC this week. However, it seems that Cooper told him that it's not that easy and she sent him a lengthy text Monday morning. In that text, which Reality Steve posted on his site, Jenna says she's sorry and that this guy is the one she needs in her life.

Cooper said that Kimball means nothing to her -- and never has -- and that any of her outings with guys are all about work and networking. Reality Steve indicates that he's heard rumors about Jenna for quite a while, buzz detailing that she had a guy back home in North Carolina and was only doing Paradise to build her business. Until this weekend, Steve didn't have anything he could vet and verify, so he never posted about any of this until now.

How much does Kimball know about any of this? Reality Steve says that he reached out to the Bachelor in Paradise contestant, but wasn't able to connect with him. The blogger adds that as far as he knows, Jordan has no idea about any of this with Jenna and his sense is that this will all come as a surprise to Jordan.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers, as reported by the Inquisitr, have revealed that Jordan and Jenna will say that they are still engaged and together -- but it looks like one or both of them will be doing some scrambling in the wake of this explosive blog post. While this wouldn't be the first situation where a contestant seemed to prioritize business opportunities over love, this may be the first contestant who is being exposed quite so blatantly.

Will Jenna Cooper address Reality Steve's blog post? Will she try to claim that it's fake? Does Jordan Kimball know about any of this -- or will he be blindsided? Bachelor in Paradise viewers had really come to adore Jenna and Jordan as a couple, and everybody will be interested to see what the future holds for the pair after paradise.

Update: New reports detail that Jordan has been blindsided by these allegations and that Jenna is avoiding answering any questions about what may or may not have happened.