‘Baki’ Season 3 Episode 12 Spoilers: Dorian Suffers First Defeat In Most Unexpected Way, Baki’s GF In Danger

Keisuke Itagaki (AKITASHOTEN)1992Netflix

Baki Season 3 Episode 12, which is currently available on Netflix, featured the continuation of the battle between Doppo Orochi and Kaioh Dorian. Despite being hypnotized, Doppo managed to find a way to beat the enemy. He hits the enemy with powerful Karate attacks that amazed his son Katsumi Orochi and Kaioh Retsu. Dorian admitted that Doppo is a strong fighter, but he ended up trying another cheap shot.

Unfortunately, Dorian’s attacks no longer worked against the Tiger Killer. Doppo started to break all the bones inside Dorian’s body and gave him a very important lesson about martial arts. As blood continues to come out of Dorian, Doppo prepared himself to use the Seiken Tsuki technique. However, his final attack didn’t reach the enemy’s face.

Doppo did it on purpose to let his student, Kato, finish Dorian himself. When Kato was about to reach the enemy, his doctor also appeared in the scene and warned them about his patient’s condition. Kato managed to stand up and was poised to kill Dorian with a powerful attack. However, before Kato landed a clean hit, Dorian admitted defeat and cried like a child.

Doppo and the others decided to bring Dorian to a hospital, which turned out to be their biggest mistake. As the doctors examined his body, they found a device located inside his right upper arm. The doctor said that it was a mini bomb that Dorian can detonate himself. Baki Season 3 Episode 12 revealed that Doppo failed to completely defeat Dorian.

Baki Season 3 Episode 12 showed Dorian inside the room of Kato. Before he left the hospital, Dorian might have put Kato to sleep for good. Doppo came home only to see his house destroyed and his wife missing. As expected, Dorian appeared and finished Doppo by detonating the mini bomb inside his right upper arm. When he came out of Doppo’s house, Dorian saw Retsu.

After realizing what Dorian did to Doppo, Retsu decided to break the rules of their martial arts school. Retsu told Dorian that even though he has never been defeated, he has never won either. Dorian laughed at Retsu’s words, but when they exchanged powerful punches, Retsu ended up as the winner.

Baki Season 3 Episode 12 revealed how Retsu managed to defeat Dorian. While Dorian is still alive, Retsu managed to break his spirit. As of now, Dorian is acting like a child who needs to seek medical attention regarding his mental health.

While Doppo and the others are dealing with the dangerous death row inmates, Baki is busy with his girlfriend Kozue. The couples wanted to level up their relationship by being together in one room. Unfortunately, both of them were afraid to ask each other. While Baki’s focus is on his girlfriend, one of the enemies is waiting for the opportunity to strike. Sikorsky decided to use Kozue as a hostage to force Baki to fight him.