Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Makes $11,166,666 Every Hour While His Employees Make $15 Per Hour

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Being the founder and CEO of Amazon has its perks. Like an insane salary that makes ordinary Americans’ heads spin. According to RT, Bezos makes about $268,000,000 every day. That means that every hour, his wealth increases by $11,166,666. Not too shabby, right?

Unfortunately for the regular Amazon employees, the company’s earnings aren’t necessarily trickling down to them. In fact, the average pay for an Amazon warehouse employee is somewhere around $15 an hour. The wages aren’t as rock-bottom as the minimum wage in many states, but the founder makes 744,444 times more than his warehouse workers with these calculations.

Even worse off are the warehouse “Pickers,” who only earn about $12 per hour or an annual salary of $25,944. Ironically, the company would not function without these Pickers’ hard work, since they’re responsible for helping ensure that all of the orders are fulfilled correctly.

The highest paid employee is apparently the Chief Creative Officer, who makes $360,462 annually. But even that number seems laughable compared to Bezos’ pay. After all, Bezos makes the equivalent of the CCO’s salary over 743 times every day.

Meanwhile, reports trickle in steadily about the horrible working conditions at the warehouses. For example, it was revealed recently by the Sun that employees begin their workday with their managers by sharing an “Amazon success story.” The group then chant phrases about “quality,” “success,” “Amazon,” and “Prime.”

Other negative reports about working conditions have included accusations that workers are harshly evaluated and punished, the lack of respectable break times due to metal detectors, and even that people pee in bottles or trash cans out of fear of not meeting their target goals.

And perhaps in a bid to counter all of the negative publicity, Amazon deployed “ambassadors” on Twitter to answer questions and to portray the company positively, detailed the Inquistr.

But whatever Bezos has going on is apparently working for him. He described his work process during an interview with Forbes.

“I come up with ideas. We could sit here with an idea, and I could fill this whiteboard in an hour with 100 ideas… If I have a week with no brainstorming meetings, I complain to my office, like ‘Come on, guys, help me here.’ “

And his success has caught the eye of everyone, including Warren Buffet, who noted Bezos’ work with admiration.

“What Jeff Bezos has done and is likely to do is perhaps the most remarkable achievement I’ve seen… Because he’s taken two very major industries, and simultaneously, and sort of under the nose of competitors, he’s become in effect the leader and is redefining them and succeeding at really big businesses.”