‘Lucifer’ Season 4: With The Production End Date Now Leaked, Does This Hold Clues To The Netflix Premiere?

Frederick M. Brown Getty Images

With fans chomping at the bit to find out when the Netflix premiere date for Season 4 of Lucifer will be, a user on Reddit has leaked the production dates for the new season, which may hold clues as to when the show will finally begin.

According to the Express, a Reddit user going under the name of “mixer352” was able to get hold of the production dates for all of the shows on Netflix, and Lucifer fans will be interested to know that while production for Season 4 began on August 13, it’s set to conclude less than four months later on December 5.

With production ending so quickly, many fans and users on Reddit are hopeful that the new season of Lucifer may be starting early next year, with one writing that since there are only 10 episodes in Season 4, it is highly probable that Netflix will release all the episodes at the same time, which has become standard procedure for most “Netflix Originals”. As for the date, the poster suggests that this could easily be sometime over the spring.

“Since this is Netflix and the season will only have ten episodes, we believe that Netflix will release them all at the same time most likely early 2019. My guess would be around February/March but could be a little later. Considering Netflix is filming it, this is probably true. So we might be looking at a Spring release next year.”

Another poster agreed that the spring of 2019 seems a perfectly reasonable time to begin airing the next installment of the show.

“Considering Netflix is filming it, this is probably true. So we might be looking at a Spring release next year.”

With regard to the airing of the episodes, Netflix have not yet announced whether Season 4 of Lucifer will be arriving in bulk all at once, or will be airing on an individual basis weekly. Many of Netflix’s shows do show up in bulk when they are released, but there is no guarantee that this will also be the case with Lucifer.

As the Inquisitr recently reported, fans have learned that there will be quite a few new members joining the cast, which will include a priest who is determined to do everything that he possibly can to bring down Morningstar, and Eve, Lucifer’s former girlfriend, who will also be joining the ensemble.

The first three episode titles for Season 4 have also now been revealed, with the third episode named “O, Ye Of Little Faith, Father.”

While Lucifer fans may not know the exact start date for the long-awaited premiere of Season 4, we are a little closer now to guessing its timing, thanks to leaked Netflix production dates.