Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo Add Another Member To Their Growing Family

Congratulations are in order for Jinger Duggar Vuolo and her husband, Jeremy. They are now a family of four. They have already decided to add to their growing family just a month after daughter Felicity Nicole was born. This time, however, it was a lot less painful for the new mom.

The husband and wife team both love to share photos of their baby girl ever since she was welcomed into this world on July 19. On Sunday, Jeremy introduced a brand new member of the Vuolo family via his Instagram, and this time it's a boy. He is orange, covered in fur, and he loves to climb trees. Yes, Felicity has a feline brother and he is a cutie.

The photo that was posted was that of a handsome male cat with a collar around his neck. He obviously loves to be up in a tree looking down on everyone else, as the picture reveals. Jeremy also revealed that the kitty's name is Jacob.

The 30-year-old pastor wrote as a caption saying, "Welp, we're now a family of four. Welcome to the family, Jacob."

Most Duggar fans were thrilled to see the new addition to the Vuolo family, but a few expressed some concerns about having a cat around a newborn. A handful of comments mentioned being careful of Jacob possibly scratching the baby, and also the possibility of the cat suffocating her.

There was also concern for the cat being left outside. People commented that he should be an indoor kitty so he doesn't get run over by a car or get hung up on the tree by his collar. Still, others were quick to give Jinger and Jeremy plenty of advice on caring for a cat.

There has been no explanation just yet on how the Vuolos were introduced to Jacob. He could have been a stray that just happened to be in the neighborhood and they decided to give him a permanent home. Another scenario is that they adopted him from a local shelter. However they met, it looks like they are content with their new furry baby. Duggar fans are happy for them as well.

Jacob could very well be a reality star just like his parents. They may include him in a future episode of Counting On revealing how the adoption came about. Be sure to catch Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo, along with the rest of the Duggar family, Monday nights on TLC.