The Sexiest Cosplays Of The 2018 Dragon Con Bunny Hutch

Inquisitr Staff

While Dragon Con is technically considered a Friday through Monday event, it always really starts on Thursday. Sure, there are things being set up, and maybe there isn't a huge schedule of officially sanctioned panels and events going on, but where three or more are gathered and looking for a good time, it's a party. Every Thursday at Dragon Con, the Bunny Hutch is the party to be at. Regardless of wherever anyone falls on the gender spectrum, if you have some bunny ears and like to have a great time, this is the party that really rings in each year's Dragon Con.

The Hilton is the official place for the party and costume contest, but it always manages to creep into all of the other hotels in the area. The official theme of the Bunny Hutch is Playboy fandom bunnies, but there are always some Donnie Darko inspired bunnies and Roger Rabbit styled participants as well. The general guideline is anything goes so long as it isn't raunchy, offensive, full-out nude, and at least loosely ties back to the main theme of the party. Since it began, it has grown each year and for some Dragon Con attendees, it is the can't miss event of the whole weekend, as expressed on the official Bunny Hutch Facebook page.

"Bunny Rey" is not only adorable, it's pretty sexy and a very cool concept. The mashup of worlds is great, and it has just enough of the Playboy bunny fandom and Star Wars universe to be easily identifiable to each and still meld together perfectly. For a fair number of party-goers, Caitlin pulled off one of the best and sexiest cosplays at the Bunny Hutch.