Was Melania Trump's Secret Surgery Really A Breast Enlargement? Viral Video Sparks Rumors Online

The mystery of Melania Trump's secret surgery may be solved.

This week, a photo op inside the White House has the internet buzzing that the First Lady was sporting a very noticeable change --- a much larger chest. As Hollywood Life noted, there were rumors that the nearly four weeks Melania spent out of the spotlight in May were not really for treatment of a benign kidney condition --- as the White House announced after the fact --- but instead for a breast enlargement surgery.

"[M]any are wondering whether that's really what was going on in the Walter Reed Hospital," the report noted. "That's because the First Lady stepped out in a pale pink top on August 28 looking a little different — and no, this didn't have anything to do with the rumored body double that conspiracy theorists think she and husband Donald Trump, 72, hired. Instead, it had everything to do with her chest, which looked way bigger than it used to in the tight tank. Is it possible that Melania actually had a boob job under the guise of getting kidney surgery?"

To many on Twitter, the difference in Melania Trump's appearance was stark, especially considering that her body size is open for all to see from her earlier, very revealing modeling days. Others noted that the White House had said nothing about a kidney condition for Melania at all before her secret surgery.

Melania's abrupt departure from the spotlight earlier this year had already sparked rampant rumors. After making an appearance with the husband, the First Lady was absent for several days before the White House finally announced that she had undergone what a spokesperson called treatment for a benign kidney condition. Though the surgery was said to be a simple condition, Melania stayed away from the public eye for nearly a month afterward, skipping a number of public appearances before ultimately re-emerging again in June. She had made a number of appearances in the weeks that followed before anyone noticed that her chest appeared to be larger.

Some reports at the time said that even Melania's friends did not hear from her, sparking rumors that she may have left the White House and returned to her old life in Manhattan. Others noted that the incident was a sign of the secrecy that has been a hallmark of Donald Trump's tenure.

So far, the White House has not offered any statement on the rumors that Melania Trump's secret surgery was actually a breast enlargement.