August 27, 2018
'Big Brother 20': Faysal Shafaat Is Being Slammed In The Review Section Of His Fitness App

Some Big Brother fans take their love for the game a little too far and investigate the lives of the houseguests outside of the game. After learning that Faysal Shafaat had a fitness app, many took to the review section of Fessy Fitness to slam the Big Brother player over his poor gameplay in Week 8.

Faysal quickly became one of the season's most disliked houseguests in Season 20 after he nominated Scottie Salton for eviction. Scottie was one of Faysal's last remaining alliance members, other than Haleigh Broucher, and nominated his friend based purely off jealousy and bad information. JC Mounduix convinced Faysal to nominate Scottie, instead of any of the four remaining "Level 6" alliance members.

To show their disappointment, Faysal haters went to the iTunes app store to download Fessy Fitness and leave mean comments in the review section. While the app still has a 4.0 rating, it has seen an increase in one-star ratings since Faysal's Week 8 HOH.

"I would imagine it takes a little bit of intellect to create an app, so it was no surprise that this app was made horrible- given the fact that the creator lacks any common sense," one user commented.

"I expected this to get 5 stars, but three of them flipped. I couldn't figure out who it was though. It was probably Scottie because that's what JC told me," another commented on the app.

Dozens of reviews left on Fessy Fitness have absolutely nothing to do with the app itself, but just angry trolls hating on Faysal over his decision to nominate Scottie.

"I guess you wasted all of your brain cells on this cr*p app and not the big brother house. Scottie is a sweet amazing person and didn't deserve anything you did to him. I hope you see this coming you controlling piece of s***," another user commented on Fessy Fitness.

The Big Brother Twitter fandom caught wind of all the negative reviews on Faysal's app and many came to his defense.

"Faysal is an idiot who made one of the worst moves of all time this week. That doesn't mean you fans should be flooding to give his app 1 stars. He made a bad moves [sic] in a reality game show, don't ruin s*** for him on the outside," one fan tweeted in defense of Faysal.

Trolling is something anyone entering the Big Brother house should expect, but this level of sabotage is certainly unnerving. Faysal won't be able to see any of these negative comments until Big Brother Season 20 is complete and will have to deal with the recovery of his app when all is said and done.

Big Brother airs every Sunday night at 8 p.m. EST, and every Wednesday and Thursday night at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.