Donald Trump Impeachment Hot Topic In GOP, But Not Among Democrats, Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile Suggests

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The impeachment of Donald Trump is a hot topic among members of the Republican Party, but not among Democrats, according to former Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Donna Brazile.

“You know, Republicans are talking more about it than Democrats on the campaign trail,” Brazile said Sunday, The Hill reports.

According to Brazile, Americans are desperately seeking an alternative to the status quo, but the Democratic Party is deliberately not offering it. By refusing to talk about the impeachment of President Trump, the DNC is focusing on “pocketbook” issues instead.

“Democrats are talking about pocketbook issues. We know that the American people want an alternative to the status quo right now.”

Impeachment talk has ramped up following Michael Cohen’s guilty plea, The Hill noted. Cohen pleaded guilty to a series of criminal charges, including campaign finance law violations which directly implicate President Donald Trump in federal crimes. According to Politifact, Cohen’s testimony about hush money payments directed by Donald Trump could be a game-changer for the president.

While the president does not appear to be “in legal jeopardy,” according to experts, he continues to face political, rather than criminal, threats with the biggest one being impeachment.

The Michael Cohen saga may have intensified talks of impeachment, but the Democratic Party remains unfazed. As The Inquisitr recently reported, the DNC’s explicit refusal to talk impeachment is creating a rift between Washington Democrats and Democratic voters.

Being that the top Democrats and Representative Nancy Pelosi, the minority leader, advised the Democratic Party candidates to avoid talks of impeachment in the following weeks, it remains highly unlikely that the talks will begin. But, Democratic voters seem to be running out of patience.

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According to former DNC Chair Donna Brazile, however, although Democrats are not as focused on impeachment as Republicans, President Trump needs to “defend the constitution,” and realize that he is “not above the rule of law.”

“When your accountant, when your former attorney, and the keeper of secrets are all cooperating with the government, the president should show some respect to the process,” she said.

Best known for being Chair of the Democratic National Committee in 2016-17, Brazile is also known for being in the epicentre of the scandal that shook the DNC to its core. In excerpts from her book Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House published in Politico, Brazile detailed Hillary Clinton’s takeover of the party, suggesting that the DNC was “rigged” in Clinton’s favor.