‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Tuesday’s Show Brings New Arrivals, Fresh Drama, And Grand Gestures

Craig SjodinABC

Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise is airing episodes on both Monday and Tuesday nights this summer and spoilers hint that Tuesday’s show will be a wild one. A handful of familiar faces will be showing up in Mexico and these arrivals will definitely shake things up for many contestants.

Previous sneak peeks for the season have already teased some of these Bachelor in Paradise spoilers, but until now, it wasn’t always apparent when these events would take place. The synopsis for the August 21 show from ABC breaks things down somewhat. Viewers have seen that Leo Dottavio would be showing up to throw a wrench into Kendall Long’s romance with Grocery Store Joe Amabile, and that comes up during this next show.

Despite the fact that Kendall and Joe have been a couple since almost the first moments of filming, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have suggested that she’d already had some contact with Leo prior to filming and she will accept his date. TV Guide shares that this move leaves everybody shocked, especially Joe, and fans can bank on this getting intense.

Former bartender Jorge will pop up during Leo and Kendall’s date and he’ll apparently tell them that he’s been working on writing a romance novel. Kendall and Leo will do a photo shoot together, supposedly for the cover of Jorge’s book, and things are said to get hot and steamy.

Unfortunately for Joe, this outing with Leo apparently prompts serious doubts for Kendall. She will rethink the idea of committing to a relationship with Joe and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that Joe will be back at the resort becoming increasingly anxious about this date.

Joe will be hoping for a date card for himself, but Bachelor in Paradise spoilers hint that the next one may have Colton’s name on it instead. Colton will ask Tia to join him, and her bestie Raven Gates will show up with her BIP beau Adam Gottschalk to join them. The quartet will take in the local culture and Raven and Tia will have a heart-to-heart.

As Tia and Raven talk, it sounds as if Raven may plant new seeds of doubt about Colton in Tia’s mind. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that the two will be having another talk about why he’s there and what he’s hoping to find there. Will this finally put an end to this back-and-forth romance? Spoilers suggest that the two will stick together for now, but perhaps not for much longer.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers also reveal that there’s a third date on the way with Tuesday’s show. This one involves a “new arrival from a foreign land” and he will ask a blonde bombshell to join him on his date. The sneak peek for Tuesday’s show detail that this will be Jenna Cooper and she’ll apparently have a great date with this new arrival, Winter Games veteran Benoit Beausejour-Savard.

Jenna and her potentially new guy will return to the resort feeling giddy about the great time they had, but Bachelor in Paradise spoilers detail that Jordan will be ready to pull out all the stops to woo Jenna back. He’ll go big and bold, and it sounds as if that’s where Tuesday’s show will end.

Which couples will make it in the real world and which ones will falter as Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise continues? Spoilers tease that there’s a lot of great stuff on the way yet and viewers will not want to miss Tuesday’s episode and the chaos involved.