Kate Middleton Always Dresses To Impress, But You Won't Catch Her Wearing Orange - Here Are Some Reasons Why

Aaron Homer

Kate Middleton is one of the best-dressed women in England - it's kind of her job. And she's exceptionally good at it - likely because she has a) all the money, and b) a team of fashion designers and consultants to help her with her sartorial decisions.

And while she's been seen in public wearing just about every color of the rainbow and then some, there's one color she's never been seen wearing: orange.

Harper's Bazaar Australia actually checked: looking through the photo archives from all eight years Kate has been the Duchess of Cambridge, she's never once been seen in public wearing orange.

But why?

Officially, there's no answer. But that won't stop this Inquisitr writer from getting into some wild speculation.

Deference To Another European Royal House?

You are probably aware that the monarchy of the United Kingdom is not the only extant monarchy in Europe. They may be the biggest and most well-known, but they are joined by Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the Netherlands (to say nothing of a couple of principalities ruled to varying degree by hereditary peers).

Anyway, over in the Netherlands, the royal family there is known as the House of Orange-Nassau, and the family's official color is orange, for reasons that would require pages and pages of exposition to explain (just take my word for it).

Avoiding A Reference To An Unfortunate Part Of England's History?

This requires a little bit of explaining (it actually requires a lot of explaining, but we'll try to simplify things).

As you know, part of the island of Ireland is called Northern Ireland, which is itself part of the United Kingdom. Some elements on the island don't care for that, while other elements are just fine with it (again, this is a gross oversimplification of a centuries-old conflict that involves history, politics, terrorism, and a bunch of other subjects that would take paragraph on paragraph to fully explain).

Long story short, the Orangemen are a group in Northern Ireland who are OK with being a part of the United Kingdom and ruled by the British Sovereign. And perhaps by wearing orange, Kate could be seen as taking sides in the conflict?

The previous two suggestions would make perfect sense but for one thing: Queen Elizabeth II herself has been seen wearing orange, so there go both of those theories.

Occam's Razor teaches us that the simplest explanation to a conundrum is likely the correct one. So it could very well be that orange simply doesn't look good on the Duchess of Cambridge, or that she doesn't like it.

Or we could all be wrong (myself, Harper's Bazaar Australia) and Kate will surprise us all tomorrow by stepping out in orange.

But don't count on it.