July 30, 2018
Red Sun Rising Premieres Its Latest Video, 'Veins'

The Inquisitr is proud to feature the exclusive premiere of Red Sun Rising's latest music video for their song "Veins" off their sophomore album, Thread. "Veins" offers a catchy, riff-rock sound in a similar, er.. vein to the first single off of Thread, "Deathwish." The album itself, and its title, is Red Sun Rising's mission statement of being predictably unpredictable, and an effort to avoid self-definition.

"It came from us being tired of people asking us to describe our music. It's our way of saying we're not a rock band, we're not a metal band, we're not an alternative band — we've just taken all our influences and all these different eras of music, and threaded them together to create our own sound," singer Mike Protich explains.

The video for "Veins" is minimalist in nature, visually; just imagine the band rocking out in Bruce Wayne's secret lair from The Dark Knight. Needless to say, Red Sun Rising wanted to let the song speak for itself and it definitely does. But "Veins," while bouncy and slickly pleasing to the ear, has deeper and darker implications than are belied by the guitar hook and lyrics like, "Hope is in my veins, and I swear that I'm okay..."

"For some, hope is the denial of reality. 'Veins' is not just a song but a series of real conversations, empty promises, and frustrations that threatened the future of a friendship and this band."
The band — featuring Protich on vocals and guitar, guitarists Ryan Williams and Dave McGarry, Ricky Miller on bass, and drummer Pat Gerasia — leaves it up to you to divine your own truth from that. To further add to the cryptic nature of those sentiments, we're not even going to tell you which member of Red Sun Rising said it!

For now, though, you can catch the Akron, Ohio-based band on the road, headlining, doing festival shows, and dates with Godsmack and Shinedown. You're free to ask them yourselves, just don't ask them to describe their band.