'Vanderpump Rules' Star Lala Kent Explains Weight Gain -- Is She Pregnant?

Lindsay Cronin

Lala Kent recently put on a few extra pounds, but it's not because she's pregnant.

In an Instagram video last night, the Vanderpump Rules star admitted that she's gained weight in recent weeks and said that fans could learn more about why she did so during a live chat later on in the evening. At that point, Kent shot down rumors of a possible pregnancy and said she was gaining weight for the sake of her physique.

"I decided that I was going take a week off of working out over the Fourth of July and I was going to jampack my diet full of bullsh**," Kent explained, according to a July 11 report by The Daily Dish.

According to Kent, she indulged in everything from fried chicken to cornbread to pack on weight. However, she wasn't necessarily trying to get heavier. Instead, her end goal was to get bigger so she can exercise all her fat into the right places.

Following her holiday binge, Kent is ready to start the process of eating healthy foods again and said she'll be enjoying avocados for dinner and doing tons of squats to reshape her backside.

"Again I am not having a baby, I just gained a few pounds," she added.

Prior to her weight gain, Kent shared tons of workout videos and photos on Instagram and also temporarily quit drinking alcohol.

Kent and Emmett have been dating for about two and a half years and have seemingly been acting as a family with Emmett's two children, London and Rylee, for the past several months. They've also done tons of traveling, and weeks ago, Kent appeared on the red carpet with the movie producer at the premiere of his new film, Gotti, in New York City.

During the event, the couple participated in their first joint interview with Us Weekly magazine and discussed their future together.

"I don't know. I'm so happy," Kent said when asked if she and Emmett would soon wed.

"Listen, I love Lala and I'm going to be with her always and forever," Emmett added. "So, that's for the stars to align when they align."

Vanderpump Rules Season 7 will premiere on Bravo TV later this year.