'Southern Charm' Star Kathryn Dennis Talks About Her New 'HiAshley' Venture

Amy Feinstein

With the drama on Southern Charm this year, a Bravo-wide inside joke has emerged to call out certain people who have multiple social media accounts used for bullying others online. On Twitter, Kathryn Dennis and Patricia Altschul started calling out Thomas Ravenel's Season 5 girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, by responding with the hashtag "HiAshley" when an account with no followers would make a negative comment about Dennis or Altschul.

It caught on among Southern Charm fans on Twitter and Instagram, especially as a group of accounts was unveiled as "pit bull accounts" in support of Jacobs. Patricia clarified the use of the "#HiAshley" post.

"She has multiple accounts to troll @KathrynDennis #LuzanneOtte and myself hence the moniker."

Kathryn was asked if she condones bullying, and she says to the contrary, she was bringing attention to the fact that she and others were being trolled and slandered online.

"#hiashley I don't encourage hate. I receive it from you. That is why you are in the position you're in. You thought pouncing on me would make you the 'new me,' the new atypical protagonist, but darling…you're just a straight up a**hole."

People were joking online that Kathryn should put "#HiAshley" on a T-shirt, and that's what she did, designing a tank top (below) which says #HIASHLEY along with a peace sign. Friend and cast member Danni Baird did the art. Dennis hopes to have the shirts ready for sale next week.

Kathryn explained that she designed the shirt when she, Patricia, and their friend, Luzanne Otte, were on the receiving end of negative tweets and posts online.

"Patricia and Luzanne and I have been on the receiving end of Thomas' girlfriend's vitriol for almost a year."

She explains that many of the posts were so ridiculous it was funny, but they got old, and some of the claims were paranoid, mean, and simply untrue. Kathryn explains that some of the posts were in line with the Hilton Head Island rant.

"I just decided to say #HiAshley to a few of the numerous troll accounts."

Dennis says she thought that saying hi was a lot friendlier and kind of funny way to say "I see you" without getting into a confrontation. The tank tops are just a further extension of that. She says it doesn't mean that something is about bad about Ashely Jacobs, but rather it's a way of saying "I see you being shady" or dismissing someone.

"It's become the new #byefelicia by simply acknowledging the 2018 version of Felicia, which is Ashley."

When Kathryn was asked if it's all simply a joke or if she's trying to make a bigger point, she says it's a bit of both. She says it's become a sort of shorthand for bringing attention to a troll and telling them to cut it out. She says she is working with Danni on different designs and it's been fun.

"The shirt is meant to be a joke, but also, a call to action in a way to decry any and all fake accounts because they are everywhere! Perhaps this can create a wave of support in getting rid of bullying on social media because it's getting out of hand as technology has become our main way of communicating with and about the world."

Dennis says she is creating her own store through Shopify under KD Kouture.