June 18, 2018
WWE News: Ronda Rousey 'Suspended' And New Champion Shockingly Crowned On 'Raw'

The Monday Night Raw after a pay-per-view is usually pretty eventful as WWE moves onto another chapter and the episode after Money in the Bank didn't disappoint. In the very opening segment of the night, Raw general manager Kurt Angle ended up suspending Ronda Rousey for 30 days due to her over-the-top actions. Right after that, the first match of the evening saw Dolph Ziggler shockingly wrestle the Intercontinental Title away from Seth Rollins in a pretty good TV match.

Last night at Money in the Bank, Ronda Rousey had her first championship shot in WWE and she was about to take the Raw Women's Championship from Nia Jax. That was until Alexa Bliss interfered and caused a disqualification before cashing in her MITB briefcase that she won earlier in the evening.

To start off Raw on Monday, Bliss headed out to the ring for a coronation ceremony, but Rousey ended up being a guest that wasn't necessarily invited. Once Bliss called her an "overhyped rookie," Rousey took great offense and ended up powerbombing the champion through a table.

Next, she threw Kurt Angle to the ground and clocked him with the MITB briefcase which ended up getting the GM very angry. As confirmed by the official website of WWE, that led to Rousey being "suspended" from Raw for 30 days.

Obviously, this is part of the latest storyline for WWE and likely a way to not overdo it on Ronda Rousey too quickly.

Kurt Angle wasn't done, though, as he also announced Nia Jax would get her rematch for the Raw Women's Championship at Extreme Rules next month. The event takes place on July 15 which means that Rousey will still be under suspension at that time and may not be able to interfere.

Right after all that chaos, the first match of the night saw Seth Rollins issue an open challenge for his WWE Intercontinental Title. Surprisingly, it was answered by Dolph Ziggler who was accompanied by Drew McIntyre and the result of the match may have been even more shocking to fans.

After a pretty good match on Monday Night Raw, a series of reversed roll-ups led to Ziggler scoring the pinfall and capturing the Intercontinental Championship.

If WWE had the aim of bringing in the big audience right as tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw kicked off, they certainly accomplished that feat. Ronda Rousey's shocking suspension will keep her out of action for at least a month, but she will come back with revenge on her mind. Meanwhile, Dolph Ziggler showed the world just what he is capable of doing by winning the Intercontinental Title from Seth Rollins.