WWE News: Superstar To Undergo Surgery After Match At ‘Money In The Bank’


Sometimes, WWE superstars decide to work through the pain and trouble of an injury if they learn it is safe and they’re not yet ready to take time off. In the case of one Money in the Bank participant, she has had a problem that needed to be taken care of for quite some time, but she’s continued to put it off. Now, Charlotte Flair is going to be out of action for a while after Sunday night’s pay-per-view as she has surgery to repair a ruptured breast implant.

Over the course of the last few months, Charlotte has dealt with a number of lingering injuries that needed attention, but they’d also require taking some time off from the ring. Now, she has reached a point where she realizes that this particular problem is something that needs to be taken care of before it goes any longer.

Her main reason for pushing off this surgery is that she didn’t want to miss WrestleMania 34 and now, it’s more than two months past that date. She is not the SmackDown Women’s Champion and is not involved in a major feud which makes this the perfect time to have it done.

After losing at Money in the Bank, she is set to be off of television for a while.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Wrestling Inc., Charlotte Flair had to delay the surgery again due to Money in the Bank. With that match over, her surgery to replace the ruptured breast implant is now scheduled and she is going to be out of action for at least one or two months.

That report states that it is necessary for Charlotte Flair to have the surgery as soon as possible as she is needed back for SummerSlam. Sure, that event isn’t until Aug. 19, but she needs to be back on SmackDown Live by sometime in late July to build up a match or program for the big PPV.

On Sunday night, Charlotte Flair put up a good fight in the Women’s Ladder Match at Money in the Bank, but she didn’t leave with the briefcase. That future championship title shot is on Monday Night Raw and in the hands of Alexa Bliss after she climbed the ladder and grabbed the briefcase. Flair is going to be focused on having her breast implant replacement surgery and recovering in enough time to be back for the end-of-the-summer pay-per-view.